Äiwoo language

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Native to Solomon Islands
Region Santa Cruz Islands, eastern Solomons, Temotu Province.
Coordinates 10°13′S 166°12′E / 10.217°S 166.200°E / -10.217; 166.200
Native speakers
8,400 (1999)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nfl
Glottolog ayiw1239[2]

Äiwoo is a language spoken in the Reef Islands and Nendö (Santa Cruz Islands), both part of the Temotu Province in the Eastern Solomon Islands.


Äiwoo belongs to the Reef Islands – Santa Cruz languages, a member of the Oceanic subgroup of the Austronesian language family.


Äiwoo is the largest of the Reef Islands – Santa Cruz languages, with approximately 8000 native speakers. Most speakers live in the Ngawa district and the island Ngäsinue in the Reef Islands; others live in some villages of Vanikoro or of Nendö, like Kala Bay. Finally, some communities have recently been established in the capital Honiara – notably in the White River district.

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