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Tritoxa incurva.JPG
Tritoxa incurva
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Superfamily: Tephritoidea
Family: Ulidiidae
Macquart, 1835
  • Ortalidae
  • Otitidae

The Ulidiidae (formerly Otitidae) or picture-winged flies are a large and diverse cosmopolitan family of flies (Diptera), and as in related families, most species are herbivorous or saprophagous. They are often known as picture-winged flies, along with members of other families in the superfamily Tephritoidea that have patterns of bands or spots on the wings. Some species share with the Tephritidae an unusual elongated posteroapical projection of the anal cell in the wing, but can be differentiated by the smoothly curving subcostal vein. Two species, Tetanops myopaeformis and Euxesta stigmatias, are agricultural pests.

Tropical Ulidiidae


The Ulidiidae are divided into two subfamilies.[1]

Subfamily Otitinae[edit]

Tribe Cephaliini Schiner, 1864
Tribe Myennidini Kameneva & Korneyev, 2005
Tribe Otitini Aldrich, 1932
Otitinae incertae sedis

Subfamily Ulidiinae[edit]

Tribe Lipsanini Enderlin, 1838
Tribe Pterocallini
Tribe Seiopterini
Syn.: Psairoptera
Syn.: Ortalis Fallén, 1810
Tribe Ulidiini Macquart, 1835



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