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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Section: Schizophora
Subsection: Acalyptratae
Superfamily: Diopsoidea
Family: Nothybidae
Frey, 1927
Genus: Nothybus
Rondani, 1875
Type species
Rondani, 1875

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The family Nothybidae contains only the genus Nothybus, a group of colorful and elongate flies.

Taxonomy and description[edit]

The morphology of Nothybidae is distinctive. Their prothorax is elongate, with their front legs arising far back on the thorax, posterior to the anterior thoracic spiracle, making their head appear to rest on a long neck. They are also distinguished by their narrow wing bases, patterned wings, rayed arista, and swollen subscutellum.[1] There are 9 described nothybid species. First placed in Micropezidae, Frey recognized Nothybus as deserving a suprageneric rank, and Aczel raised the family Nothybidae.[2] While this group is placed in the Diopsoidea, its evolutionary relationships have never been robustly tested in a modern phylogenetic framework with molecular or morphological data. It is one of the few fly families for which there is no DNA data available on NCBI GenBank.


The biology of Nothybidae is poorly known, and the larval habitat is unknown. Some species may be larviparous as mature larvae have been found in preserved adult female specimens.[3]


Species of the genus Nothybus are only found in Southeast Asia, primarily Borneo and Sumatra.[1]


  • Nothybus acrobates Frey, 1958 – Vietnam and Laos
  • Nothybus biguttatus v.d. Wulp, 1896 – Java
  • Nothybus decorus de Meijere, 1924 – Sumatra
  • Nothybus kempi (Brunetti, 1913) – India and Laos
  • Nothybus lineifer Enderlein, 1922 – Sumatra
  • Nothybus longicollis (Walker, 1856) - Malaysia
  • Nothybus longithorax Rondani, 1875 - Borneo
  • Nothybus sumatranus Enderlein, 1922 – Sumatra
  • Nothybus triguttatus Bezzi, 1916 – The Philippines

There are additional known but undescribed species from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.


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