United States presidential election in California, 1852

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United States presidential election in California, 1852
November 2, 1852 1856 →
  George Peter Alexander Healy - Franklin Pierce - Google Art Project.jpg Winfield Scott - National Portrait Gallery.JPG
Nominee Franklin Pierce Winfield Scott
Party Democratic Whig
Home state New Hampshire New Jersey
Running mate William R. King William A. Graham
Electoral vote 4 0
Popular vote 40,721 35,972
Percentage 53.02% 46.83%

President before election

Millard Fillmore

Elected President

Franklin Pierce

In the 1852 United States presidential election, its first election after becoming a state in 1850, California voted for the Democratic nominee, New Hampshire Senator Franklin Pierce, over the Whig nominee, United States Army general Winfield Scott.


United States presidential election in California, 1852[1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Franklin Pierce 40,721 53.02% 4
Whig Winfield Scott 35,972 46.83% 0
Free Soil Party John Hale 61 0.08% 0
No party Write-ins 56 0.07% 0
Invalid or blank votes
Totals 76,810 100.00% 4
Voter turnout


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