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Favourite Quote: Life can't get bad enough, that it can't be worse

Hi, thanks for dropping by.

Want to talk![edit]

I would love to speak to you. Click here to leave a message. I'll reply on my page, so make sure to check back / put my talk on your watch list.

Wikipedia policies to be aware of[edit]

Wikipedia help articles[edit]


Here are the templates I found useful:

Tools I Use[edit]

Articles Created[edit]

These are articles I have created or constantly maintain:

Click Here (For updated information)

All these aricles were created mainly due to non-availability of basic information of the topic. My primary contributions are with huge count of articles lacking basic information.

Article Date of Creation Current Quality Sacle
Time Will Tell (Millie album) 23 May, 2008 Stub
Amman Kovil Kizhakale 9 June, 2008 Start
Chinna Thambi 20 September, 2008 Stub
Alaigal Oivathillai 22 September, 2008 Start
Chembaruthi (film) 4 October, 2008 Stub
Chinna Mapillai (film) 5 October, 2008 Stub
Nizhalgal Ravi 10 October, 2008 Start
Rohini (actress) 10 October, 2008 Start
Marupadiyum 10 October, 2008 B
Daddy (1992 film) 10 October, 2008 Stub
Devaraagam 10 October, 2008 Stub
Galatta Kalyanam 10 October, 2008 Stub
Pattikada Pattanama 11 October, 2008 B
Rettai Vaal Kuruvi 12 October, 2008 Stub
Gopura Vasalile 12 October, 2008 Start
Aai (2004 film) 19 October, 2008 Start
Dharma Dorai 20 October, 2008 B
Chandrabose (composer) 22 October, 2008 Stub
R. Sundarrajan 23 October, 2008 Stub
Sujatha (actress) 26 October, 2008 Start
Kadalora Kavithaigal 26 October, 2008 Start
Mann Vasanai 28 October, 2008 Start
Nizhalgal 30 October, 2008 Start
Sulakshana (actress) 30 October, 2008 Stub
Tippu (singer) 9 November, 2008 Stub
Sowmya Raoh 9 November, 2008 Stub
Bharathi (film) 17 November, 2008 Start
Server Sundaram 17 November, 2008 B
Kailasam Balachander filmography 10 December, 2008 List
Kalki (1996 film) 12 December, 2008 Stub
Vaaname Ellai 12 December, 2008 Stub
Jathi Malli 12 December, 2008 Stub
Azhagan 13 December, 2008 Stub
Oru Veedu Iru Vasal 13 December, 2008 Stub
Sithara (actress) 14 December, 2008 Stub
Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal 14 December, 2008 Stub
Sundarrajan (actor) 14 December, 2008 Stub
Ethir Neechal 14 December, 2008 Stub
Thaneer Thaneer 19 December, 2008 Stub
Rajesh (actor) 19 December, 2008 Stub
Achamillai Achamillai 19 December, 2008 Stub
47 Natkal 19 December, 2008 Stub
Manathil Uruthi Vendum 21 December, 2008 Stub
Idi Katha Kaadu 21 December, 2008 Stub
Dindigul Sarathy 23 December, 2008 Stub
Bomma Borusa 23 December, 2008 Stub
Mukkamala 23 December, 2008 Stub
Rama Prabha 23 December, 2008 Stub

Edit and Action Count[edit]

Along with improving and contributing, I also look over these articles.

Click Here (For updated information)

Major Contributions:

Article Pre-edit Quality Post-edit Quality
Moondram Pirai Stub B
Sindhu Bhairavi Stub B
Yejaman Stub Start
Thambikku Entha Ooru Stub Start
Citizen (film) Stub Start
Azhagi Stub Start
Avargal Stub Start
R. Muthuraman Stub Start
Ninaithale Inikkum Stub Stub
V.I.P (film) Stub Stub
Adutha Varisu Stub Stub
Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Stub B
Guna (film) Stub Stub
Duet (film) Stub Stub
Indian (film) Start Start
Gentleman (film) Stub Stub
Kailasam Balachander Start Start

Images uploaded[edit]

These are images I have uploaded for educational purposes:

Click Here

Templates created[edit]

These are templates that I have created:

Template:Arvind Swamy . Template:Kailasam Balachander

Disambiguation pages created[edit]

These are disambiguation pages that I have created:

Chandrabose . Kushi . Aaina . Haar Jeet . Naan Avanillai . Rudra veena . Agni Sakshi

Articles to Improve[edit]

These are articles I wish to improve.

Articles to Create[edit]

These are articles that I intend to create in the future.

Model Articles[edit]

These are articles I look up to:

Indian featured articles for reference:

Co-users who can judge dispassionately[edit]

Wiki Commons links[edit]