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Black Dahlia
Battle of Los Angeles
1492 light sighting
List of reported UFO sightings
1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg
1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident
1972 UFO sightings in the eastern Cape
1976 Canary Island UFO sighting
1976 Tehran UFO incident
2000 Las Piñas UFO incident
2004 Mexican UFO incident
2006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting
2007 Alderney UFO sighting
2008 Turkey UFO sightings
2008 Vancouver UFO sighting
2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly
List of alleged aircraft–UFO incidents and near misses
Cedric Allingham
Orfeo Angelucci
Badajoz UFO incident
Belgian UFO wave
Berwyn Mountain UFO incident
Bonsall UFO
Broad Haven
Burning on Fort Itaipu Sentinels
Cape Girardeau UFO crash
Carson Sink UFO incident
Cash-Landrum incident
Chiles-Whitted UFO encounter
Close encounter of Cussac
Coyame UFO incident
Dossier Riolândia
Dudley Dorito
Ellsworth UFO sighting
Exeter incident
Falcon Lake incident
Ghost rockets
Gorman dogfight
Gulf Breeze UFO incident
Harbour Mille incident
Height 611 UFO incident
Hopeh Incident
Jafr alien invasion
Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident
Jimmy Carter UFO incident
José Bonilla Observation
Kaikoura lights
Kecksburg UFO incident
Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter
Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting
Kirtland AFB UFO sighting
Lakenheath-Bentwaters incident
Langford Budville
Laredo, Texas UFO crash
Levelland UFO Case
List of observations of solar and lunar transits of unknown objects
Lubbock Lights
Manises UFO incident
Mantell UFO incident
Mariana UFO incident
Marius Dewilde
Maury Island incident
McMinnville UFO photographs
Milton Torres 1957 UFO Encounter
Mirassol UFO incident
Felix Moncla
Nash-Fortenberry UFO sighting
Julius Obsequens
Petrozavodsk phenomenon
Phoenix Lights
Portage County UFO chase
Rendlesham Forest incident
Robert Taylor incident
Shag Harbour UFO incident
Sperry UFO case
The Trindade Island's UFO
Tinley Park Lights
Trans-en-Provence Case
UFO sightings in Argentina
UFO sightings in Australia
UFO sightings in Belarus
UFO sightings in Belgium
UFO sightings in Brazil
UFO sightings in Canada
UFO sightings in China
UFO sightings in France
UFO sightings in India
UFO sightings in Indonesia
UFO sightings in Iran
UFO sightings in Iraq
UFO sightings in Italy
UFO sightings in Mexico
UFO sightings in New Zealand
UFO sightings in Norway
UFO sightings in outer space
UFO sightings in the Philippines
UFO sightings in Portugal
UFO sightings in Russia
UFO sightings in South Africa
UFO sightings in Spain
UFO sightings in Sweden
UFO sightings in the Canary Islands
UFO sightings in the United Kingdom
UFO sightings in the United States
UFOs seen by Portugal Air Force
Val Johnson incident
Valensole UFO incident
Valentich disappearance
Varginha UFO incident
Visoki Dečani
Voronezh UFO incident
Wales UFO sightings
West Freugh Incident
Westall UFO
Lonnie Zamora incident
Alien abduction
Angel hair (folklore)
Atmospheric ghost lights
Black helicopter
Brieselang Forest Light
Otis T. Carr
Cattle mutilation
Crop circle
Glenn Dennis
Die Glocke
Hessdalen light
Hollow Earth
Kentucky meat shower
Ley line
Light of Saratoga
List of UFO religions
Marfa lights
Men in Black
Min Min light
Naga fireball
Planetary objects proposed in religion, astrology, ufology and pseudoscience
Ralph Horton flying saucer crash
Solway Firth Spaceman
The Spooklight
Star jelly
Thunderstone (folklore)
UFO religion
List of alleged extraterrestrial beings
Alex Collier
Flatwoods monster
Grey alien
Little green men
Nordic aliens
The Sirius Mystery