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Attention: If you dispute any ranking of quality or importance that I have given to a WP:CHINA article, just discuss it with me. I am not emotionally attached to any rankings that I have given out.

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I am currently a professional working in Washington, DC. My editing tends to fall into two categories. On one hand, I like to do nitty gritty maintenance stuff around Wikipedia. At the same time, I enjoy editing articles relating to my research areas: International Politics and East Asian Languages and Civilizations.

There are currently 37,396 articles that have been identified as either Good Articles, Featured Articles, or Featured Lists. Let's get that number to 50,000!

Past and Present projects[edit]

Five-a-day project[edit]

Finding new talented editors is very important to ensure the health of our project. As such, I believe that welcoming new users, whether they have already edited or not, is of the utmost importance. Therefore, I will welcome at least five new users per day, using Special:Log/newusers. I may increase this number if five feels too easy.

Useful links[edit]


Simplicity. I am here to edit Wikipedia, meet new people, and learn new skills. I feel that complex userpages and signatures will detract from that goal by forcing me to continually "beautify" my presence here. Accordingly, I keep my signature plain and keep a userpage that only contains information about myself and my projects, with a minimum of userboxes.

Civility. Wikipedia is different from a paying job, where people must continue working in order to earn a living. Any of us could leave at any time, with almost no penalty to ourselves. However, the project feels the pain. Accordingly, I adhere to a standard of the utmost civility, even moreso than I would in real life.


I am open to administrator recall (see Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall) under the following conditions:

1. Recall must be requested by six users, each having over 500 edits and 3 months of tenure on the project.

2. Three of the six users must be outside users. That is, they have had no serious contact with me or the user with the original grievance.

3. Of the three outside users, at least one must be an Administrator.

To initiate a recall action, please notify me on my user talk page.

Userboxes, etc.[edit]

Any views expressed herein are personal in nature only and have no bearing upon my editing of Wikipedia.

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