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About me

Hello and welcome to my user page.
My name is Ian and I hail from Jórvík's Shire. I'm a History graduate from Prifysgol Bangor in Gwynedd, Cymru.
I'm currently training to be a Mental Health Nurse.
I have been on Wikipedia since October 2007; I have rollback rights, auto-patrolled rights and file mover rights. I do not intend to become an administrator. I have a Wikimedia Commons account and I upload all media files there, not here.
I mainly edit things related to Politics and Football. I support the mighty Sheffield United. And I love travelling!
I also like Godwin's law in online debates.
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"Never felt more like Swinging a pig, from Hyde Park Flats to Wadsley Bridge, United! You've got me swinging a pig, As you do, as you do, as you do!" and "No pigs fans in town, No Hillsborough to sadden my eyes, Jack Charlton is dead, and the pig's fans have fled, and the year is 1889!"


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My Travels

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My Travels within the UK

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Articles I created

Former Yugoslavia




Sheffield United

Football Players



Football Players


Profile Box

Name: Ian
Gender: Male
Location: Huddersfield, UK
Home-town: Haworth, UK
Religion: Strong Atheist, Anti-Theist
Politics: Socialism, Liberalism, Pro European, Social Democracy,
Green Politics, Anti-NATO
Commons: User:IJA
Email: E-Mail me
Honours: Barnstars


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Sheffield United
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