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I hope this might someday become a WikiProject, but I'll just leave it in my userspace until there's enough support for it. Feel free to edit this page as through it wasn't in userspace.

Welcome to WikiProject Sustainable technologies.


Scope Scope[edit]

Many projects and articles in this area fall into lengthy talk page discussions regarding which technologies are better, which technologies are possible, and why these technologies might be needed. One of the main goals of this project is to avoid getting caught up in such discussions. With this in mind, the scope of this project extends only to existing sustainable technologies.

Though certain articles will call for it, the goal is to minimize discussion regarding sustainable philosophy, speculation on future trends (such as climate change or oil depletion), or descriptions of other concerns with modern technology. If you still run into a user insisting on reverts or making contreversal claims on a talk page, keep in mind that these emotionally charged subjects on a ripe hunting ground for trolls—you may save yourself a lot of trouble by temporarily focusing your efforts on a different article.

To summarise, this project includes articles in these areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable living
  • Organic agriculture
  • Environmental Economics
  • (and Ecological Economics? Huggsy 02:01, 16 November 2006 (UTC))

The project does not include:

  • Environmental organisations
  • Enviromentalists
  • Sustainable philosophy
  • Non-sustainable technologies
  • Future predictions

How to help[edit]

  • First off, if you're interested, say so. If we can maintain at least 5 active contributors, I'll make this a proper WikiProject.
  • Comment on this this project's scope and goals in an effort to better define and clarify them.
  • Monitor changes related to the catagory or this page for improvements and vandalism.
  • Work on tasks from the to do list.

To do list[edit]

Meta to do[edit]

  • Add articles
  • Advertise for potential contributors on article talk pages and off-site
  • Pick a sample article to hilight project goals
  • Update article grades according to the grading scheme.
  • Find/create suitable stub category.
  • Develop template for renewable energy sources

High quality articles[edit]

As of Feb 2008, high quality sustainable technology articles already include:

Articles in progress[edit]

Articles belonging to this project should be listed here in the format: Article Name – grade — comments. Articles in bold are considered the most fundamental articles and should be a priority.

All of articles in this list will be part of Category:Sustainable technologies, and ideally, all articles in the catagory should be in this list.

General articles[edit]


Construction and development[edit]



  • Water
  • Wind


Outside of Scope[edit]

Completed Articles[edit]

  • empty list

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