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A standard situation of RIV
King of the RatedR's
Reign since 2006
(63 years, 295 days)
Coronation April 20, 2005
Predecessor KingRatedRIII
Heir-apparent None yet.
Prime Ministers See list
Born (1941-05-22) 22 May 1941 (age 74)
Paris, France,
United Kingdom
Jesse Ventura
Earl Warren
Alex Jones
John F. Kennedy
Full name
Ratticus Ramsey IV
House House of Windsor
Father KingRatedRIII
Mother N/A
Religion Agnostic & WP:NOONECARES

KingRatedRIV(born May 22,19??) is an American, autoconfirmed users, philanthropist, humorist, student, maverick, writer, filmmaker, and tennis player . He began his career on Wikipedia in 2007, but began editing for Wikipedia in a technology classroom in the 9th grade. He is currently on active duty on Wikipedia after a yearlong "Hiatus." He is the king of the RatedR Throne and looks to be until 2080.

He is known for his friendly personality and ambition to work to the best of his ability at the task at hand.


Born in the Hospital of Champions, PrinceRatedRIV, then, was destined to be King of the Rated R throne after his Father, KingRatedRIII, died in a terrible battle of power. A young prince, RIV loved to entertain by making jokes and on his spare time reading in his father's grand study. It was doing this that gave the young prince the interest in playing tennis. A young tennis player, he would fight his way to the top, only to be sideline by the death of KingRatedRIII. On a date unknown to mankind, PrinceRatedRIV was given the title King, allowing him to be, KingRatedRIV.

As a filmaker[edit]

On February 1, 2011, RIV began taking on the film industry. Creating classics such as, A&E's Quest for the Ultimate Burger and A&E's Chillin and Killin Both, which were a commercial success among the close critics. His biggest success was entitled, EW's BMF Music Video, which sparked a wide range of talking amongst his peers. As of recently, RIV has taken a break from the film industry.


Beginning 2008[edit]

November 5, 2008 in a room of special interest, RIV logged on to a computer of a companion of his and went to the website called Wikipedia. RIV had been a very big fan of Wikipedia for quite a few years and supported the site in his school, where no one else did. He created an account for himself after finding out that it was free and mostly because he wanted to contribute to the site that he felt had given him a lot of information over the years.

RIV's career on Wikipedia would actually begin one day in a computer class at his school where he found himself quite bored and had nothing left to do in the class. He wanted to do something that was not blocked by the strict computer proxy and something that would make him look like he was doing something informative rather than playing around on computer games. RIV began using Wikipedia everyday, making small edits and reading through all of the Wikipedia "How tos". Most importantly, Wikipedia:Five Pillars, which guide him into being able to edit correctly.

RIV's start at Wikipedia was rough, taking all the advice he could, RIV found it quite complicated getting use to all of the in detailed ways of editing and tags on Wikipedia. He was intrigued by what others user pages looked like and how well they contributed to the Wikipedia lifestyle. He wanted to live the Wikipedia lifestyle but did not have the drive. He began talking to administrators in hopes of learning easier and even thinking about becoming an adoptee for Adopt-a-user. RIV had hopes that he would become an administrator with only less than 50 edits but soon realized that it was going to take more experience to become one of the top dogs.

Departure 2009[edit]

With all of the complex polices of Wikipedia and business appearing in RIV's life, RIV fell under pressure to all of the stress that was being brought upon by everything around him, leading to his departure from Wikipedia. With summer coming, RIV knew that there was no way for him to continue editing at Wikipedia. It was time for a Wikibreak.

Break 2009 and Return 2011[edit]

In summer 2009, RIV decided that it was in his best interest to take a Wikibreak. He knew that he just wasn't' mature enough to handle everything that Wikipedia had to offer. During this time, RIV took the time to collect himself and immerse himself in the video game culture and began something he called,"becoming a man." He found this task much easier than the hardships of Wikipedia and spent night and days fulfilling this to the best of his abilities.

When the new year of 2010 hit, RIV was not content with his method of "becoming a man" and took interest other places. He knew that his break from Wikipedia was not over because he had not matured enough and even though he was never any harm to Wikipedia, he felt that he was just not ready. Summer of 2010 was RIV's time to over indulge himself in sweets, treats and decided to resurrect and an old friend. He knew it was wrong but he felt that he needed to do this. RIV would quit this and move on to better things by the autumn of 2010. This proved to not be so much better.

2011 began and RIV knew that he would need to better himself, so he gave up the sweets and began looking at life a different way. He had all his fun and now it was time to get "serious." He would hinder this idea until [May 2, 2011], where RIV was view an article that he found on the English homepage of Wikipedia. He knew that after that edit, it was time to go back to work.


During his return at Wikipedia, RIV learned to acquire certain products, such as userboxes. Below are some of the userboxes that he has acquired.


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