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I am native Czech who also speaks English, German, Slovak and little Spanish and Polish.

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List of highways by country[edit]


  • OSM relations of type=multipolygon, type=route, and type=boundary are supported, so maps of roads work.
  • The river is type=waterway, so it is not supported.

Open discussions[edit]


put following lines on your common.css:

#siteNotice {display: none; !important;}



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My proposals[edit]


  • Headings simplify per [[WP:MOS#Section headings]]
  • Templates per [[WP:CITE]]





I would like to edit Wikipedia using AutoWikiBrowser on Linux! I am using Bryan's Flickr Upload Tool. I like identifying and ordering media over at Commons. I am interested in machine translation.

Misc[edit] list
My posts that led nowhere: