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I, Ynhockey, hereby award you the BarnSakura for your excellent contributions to manga and anime-related articles, particularly on the subject of Bleach.
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All About Me![edit]

A budding manga-ka and novelist living near the 9th Circle of Hell. Working towards the launch of my Amerimanga [1], as well as the chance to publish some of the other works I've been writing. I've had the chance to live in a good portion of Asia and Europe (thanks to the great travel agency known as the US Navy). Originally from La-La-Land via Surf City.

I'm interested a variety of subjects, from anime, film, history, and politics to the military, Japanese culture, creative writing, photography and religion.

When not doing any of the above, for some reason, these guys like to give me a paycheck every couple of weeks.

Blame Me for This[edit]

Just some of the damage I've done around here:

Article Creation[edit]

Anime convention, Anime News Network, Anime USA, A Passage in Time (Dead Can Dance album), Beautiful., Bleach (musical), Cat-Man and Kitten, Characters in Bleach series, Contact (album), Create, Delights of the Garden, Desmond Williams, DJ Boy, Duck Rock, ElePaper Action, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Fantastic Plastic Machine (album), Fantastic Plastic Machine (movie), Fantastic Plastic Machine (soundtrack), Fate/stay night scenarios, Fictional chemical substances, A-M, Fictional chemical substances, N-Z, Fictional elements, isotopes and atomic particles, Funhouse, Ghost Stories, Glen Grant, Giles Tschudi, Harry Betts, Hisa-me, Imaginations, John Cronin (convict), Kaizo Konpaku, Kaneko, Katsucon, Kodama (spirit), List of characters in Astro City series, List of legendary creatures in Japanese mythology, List of multigenre conventions, Lilith Aensland, Luxury, Luxury (album), Michael Akins, Mitsuoka Orochi, Mujina, Noppera-bō, Normandy cemetery, Otogizoshi, One-Pound Gospel, Paloma Picasso, Pengo, Protoculture (anime), Right On, Rob & Fab, Sakakibara, Samaritan (comics), Special attack, Storyline method, St. Roch, Louisiana, Strange Free World, Taiga Fujimura, The Blinding of Isaac Woodard, The Cursed Videotape, The Innocence Mission (album), Themyscira, Tomoe (disambiguation), Too, Tsukumogami, Typographical personification, Umbrella (album), Valhalla Cemetery, VF-8 Logan


Akimbo (disambiguation), Amaterasu (disambiguation), Ahriman (disambiguation), Ataxia (disambiguation), Bastion (disambiguation), Beatnik (disambiguation), Dark moon (disambiguation), Firestorm (disambiguation), Jack-in-the-Box (disambiguation), Kabuki (disambiguation), Kraken (disambiguation), Megami (disambiguation), Onmyoji (disambiguation), Protoculture (disambiguation), Richie Rich (disambiguation), Samaritan (disambiguation), Skyfire (disambiguation), The White Album (disambiguation), Tomoe (disambiguation), Victory garden (disambiguation)


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Articles not in English[edit]

es:Nekomusume, it:Luigi Serafini

Article Rewrites[edit]

Akimbo, Alice, Amerimanga, AOD, Belial, Belle et Sébastien, Bill Bonner, Brute force, Carolee Schneemann, Codswallop, Company, Chega de Saudade (album), Decimation, Delta Meadows River Park, Démodé, Demond Wilson, Fab Morvan, Felicia, Felicia (video game character), Francis Konrad Schuckardt, Franklin the Turtle, Glomp, Gutter Sound, Hirono, Hollow, Isaac Woodard, Inter Mirifica, Invid, Izumo no Okuni, John Cronin, John Goodwin, John Harrington, Kanzashi, Kokusho Sōmokuroku, Kon, Kuchisake-onna, List of divinities in Japanese mythology, List of former Quality, Fawcett and Charlton characters that haven't appeared in DC comics, List of mythical objects, Live Code, Live on Breeze Hill, Love is Hell, Magatama, Major Matt Mason, Mexica, Michael Jackson (radio commentator), Midori, Military mail, Morrigan Aensland, Mutaween, Namco x Capcom, National Grid, National Grid (US), Nensha, Nevada-tan, Otogizoshi, Papillon Rose, Paris (album), Pershing Square, Prowl, Radioman, Real person fiction, Re-Boot: Live '98, Robert Haas, Rokurokubi, Rota, Spain, Sadako Yamamura, Sadamichi Hirasawa, Samara Morgan, Shigeru Mizuki, Shirokiya, Sister cities of Sao Paulo, Slacktivism, Social communication, SoftBank, Spatial referencing systems, Storyline, Studio 54, Studio Ironcat, Subzero, Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shōganai!, The Brown Album, The Clayhanger Family, The Green Album, Three Sacred Treasures of Japan, Tomoe, Towel-Headed Man, Toyetic, United States National Grid, Velvalee Dickinson, Victory Gardens, VIZ Media, Wet moon, Yama-no-Kami, Zashiki-warashi


Athena (disambiguation)


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Articles Translated into English[edit]

Sophie Lalive de Bellegarde (fr),

Projects That Do Not Acknowledge My Existence[edit]