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ATLAS experiment to Arnold Sommerfeld[edit]

Arthur Compton to Boyle's law[edit]

Bra-ket notation to Condensed matter physics[edit]

Conservation of energy to Drag (physics)[edit]

Dynamical system to Enthalpy[edit]

Enthalpy of vaporization to Fred Hoyle[edit]

Freeman Dyson to Hamiltonian mechanics[edit]

Hannes Alfvén to Inductance[edit]

Inertia to Kip Thorne[edit]

Kurt Gödel to Marie Curie[edit]

Martin Ryle to Newton's laws of motion[edit]

Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot to Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica[edit]

Philosophy of physics to Quantum field theory[edit]

Quantum gravity to Solar flare[edit]

Solar radiation to Supersonic[edit]

Superstring theory to Victor Francis Hess[edit]

Virtual image to Zeroth law of thermodynamics[edit]

Zhores Alferov to Čerenkov radiation[edit]