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Close up of a Vienna Finger

Vienna Fingers is an American brand of cookie made by the Keebler Company, a division of Ferrara. They consist of a sandwich of vanilla flavored outer crust filled with vanilla cream flavored filling. Akin to an Oreo, the surface is textured and embossed with the product name, but Vienna Fingers have a round-ended 'finger' shape. They come in a red and yellow accented rectangular package with the words "Vienna Fingers" in white lettering. Nabisco's Cameo is similar.


Vienna Fingers were one of the products originally sold by Sunshine Biscuits.[1] The cookies first were marketed by Sunshine Biscuits in 1915 and trademarked as "Vienna Fingers Sandwich" in November 1947.[2] The popularity of the Vienna Fingers cookies was memorialized by American playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon in his 1965 play The Odd Couple, which was adapted into a 1968 comedy film.[3] In the play, Oscar Madison attempts to distract a depressed Felix Ungar with snack food: "How about vanilla wafers? Or Vienna fingers? I got everything."[4]

In January 1985, the product was renamed "Vienna Fingers".[5] At the Food Marketing Institute's 1994 Supermarket convention, both low-fat Hydrox cookies and reduced-fat Vienna Fingers were introduced by Sunshine Biscuits.[6][7]

In late August 1994, Sunshine Biscuits donated over 21,000 Vienna Fingers and Hydrox cookies to a contingent of American troops from Fort Eustis Army Base.[8] The company's action was a follow up to a similar Sunshine shipment sent to troops during the 1990–1991 Gulf War and a soldier's scrawled response note on an Oreo box, "Please deploy cookies." In the company's words, "the donation of these cookie favorites will give the troops a taste of home and make their time away from their families a little more pleasant."[8] The Vienna Fingers and Hydrox cookies were brought with the troops to the refugee-filled border area between Rwanda and Zaire.[8]

When Keebler purchased Sunshine Biscuits in 1996, it retained the product as part of its line.[9] At the time of Keebler's acquisition, Vienna Fingers brought in $50 million in sales annually.[10] Following the acquisition of the product line by Keebler, a lemon filling version of the cookie was introduced.[10]


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