Viluppuram Junction railway station

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Viluppuram Junction
Indian Railway Station
Viluppuram Railway Junction Main Building Image.jpg
Viluppuram Railway
Location East Pondy Road, Keelperumpakkam, Viluppuram, Viluppuram district, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 11°56′33″N 79°29′59″E / 11.9426°N 79.4997°E / 11.9426; 79.4997Coordinates: 11°56′33″N 79°29′59″E / 11.9426°N 79.4997°E / 11.9426; 79.4997
Elevation 44 metres (144 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Southern Railway zone
Line(s) Chennai Egmore - Thanjavur Main Line
Viluppuram - Trichy Chord Line
Viluppuram - Pondicherry Branch Line
Viluppuram - Katpadi Branch Line
Chennai Beach - Viluppuram South Line
Platforms 6
Tracks 15
Connections Auto rickshaw, Taxi, Bus
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Parking Yes
Disabled access Handicapped/disabled access
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code VM
Zone(s) Southern Railway
Division(s) Tiruchirapalli
Opened 1879; 139 years ago (1879)
Rebuilt 2011; 7 years ago (2011)
Electrified 25 kV AC 50 Hz
Villupuram junction railway station is located in Tamil Nadu
Villupuram junction railway station
Villupuram junction railway station
Location in Tamil Nadu

Viluppuram Junction is a junction railway station located in Viluppuram, Tamil Nadu. Being a prominent railway station, it serves as the distribution point of rail traffic from Chennai, the state capital of Tamil Nadu, towards the southern parts of the state. It is the second largest junction by number of branch lines in the state of Tamil Nadu after Salem junction. It is one of the top 5 junctions of Southern Railways which has earned the status of an A Grade train station in Tamil Nadu.[1]

Location and layout[edit]

Viluppuram Railway Station covers about 20 acres of a vast area, six platforms - Platforms 1 to 3 occupy a length of 600 metres and platforms 4 to 6 occupy a length of 550 metres each and few goods/freight train lines which occupies 650 metres each and there are few shunting lines. The Railway lines can be easily crossed with the help of two mass structured over bridges. The railway station is located off the East Pondy Road in the Keelperumpakkam neighborhood. The station is located in close proximity of 3 km from the arterial GST Road. Several landmark places such as the Aringar Anna Science and arts College, the Government Hospital Building, and the TNEB Block are located at close proximity from the station.

The Viluppuram Old Bus Stand (Town bus stand) is situated at 2 km and New bus stand (Central bus stand) is situated at 4 km from the Viluppuram Junction railway station. The nearest airport is the Puducherry Airport located at a distance of over 40 km and Chennai Airport is 143 km away from Viluppuram.


Five railway lines branch out of the Viluppuram Junction railway station.

Gauge conversion was underway in 2010, making rail traffic even heavier. Viluppuram Junction has been undergone a massive infrastructure upgrade to handle this traffic.

Sub-urban stations[edit]

Originating/Terminating Trains[edit]

  • 22603/22604 Kharagpur - Villupuram Superfast Express (Tue,Wed)
  • 22605/22606 Purulia - Villupuram Superfast Express (Sat)
  • 568-82/84 : Villupuram - Tirupati Passenger(Daily)
  • 568-83/85 : Tirupati - Villupuram Passenger(Daily)
  • 56859/56860 Tambaram - Villupuram Passenger(Daily)
  • 568-73/75/77 : Villupuram - Mayiladuthurai Passenger(Daily)
  • 568-74/76/78 : Mayiladuthurai - Villupuram Passenger(Daily)
  • 568-61/63/65 : Villupuram - Puducherry Passenger(Daily)
  • 568-62/64/66 : Puducherry - Villupuram Passenger(Daily)
  • 66045/66046 : Villupuram - Vellore Fast Pass(via : MLMR,MSB) (Daily)
  • 56705/56706 : Villupuram - Madurai Passenger(Daily)
  • 56881/56886 : Villupuram - Katpadi Passenger (Daily)

Major Passby Trains[edit]



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