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Sony Walkman plugged to USB port
Sony Walkman Bean

The Walkman Bean was a flash memory-based portable media player by Sony.[1] The name refers to its shape, which was modelled after a jellybean, and its ancestor, the original Sony Walkman portable cassette player. The product was released in October 2005, and production ceased in April 2006.[2][3]

The player was available in three versions: the basic model with 512MB capacity (model NW-E205), the basic model with an inbuilt FM radio (model NW-E305), and a higher-capacity 1GB model (model NW-E307). It was also available in four colours, named after jellybean flavours - Tropical Ice (blue), Cotton Candy (pink), Licorice (black) and Coconut (white).

The Walkman Bean featured a 'pop-out' USB port for file transfer. One of its major selling points was the battery's fast charge speed, with Sony stating that a 3-minute charge would give 3 hours of playback. Sony claimed that a fully charged Bean playing Sony's own compressed audio format, ATRAC, can operate for 50 hours, or 40 hours for audio compressed as MP3.[4]


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