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Wannian (Chinese: 万年; pinyin: Wànnián) is a county under the jurisdiction of Shangrao City in Jiangxi, China.

Its total area is 1140.76 square kilometers. Its 2003 population was 361,000.

Under Wannian County are 6 towns and 9 townships.

The county seat and largest population center is Chényíng Town (陈营镇). The second largest population center and former county seat is Qīngyún Town (青云镇) (formerly Chéngguān Town (城关镇)).

In addition to farming, pearl and concrete production are economically important. There is limited mining.

The local dialect, Wannianese, is a dialect of the Gan Chinese language.

Wannian is the location of the Xianren Cave (Fairy Cave), where historically important finds have been made of ancient pottery shards and rice grains.



Wannian is served by the Anhui–Jiangxi Railway.

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Coordinates: 28°41′30″N 117°04′10″E / 28.69167°N 117.06944°E / 28.69167; 117.06944