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Not to be confused with Wei Heng.
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wei.
Wei Hong
Governor of Sichuan
Assumed office
January 2013
Preceded by Jiang Jufeng
Personal details
Born May 1954 (age 61)
Yinan County, Shandong, China
Political party Communist Party of China

Wei Hong (Chinese: 魏宏; born May 1954) is a Chinese politician serving since 2013 as the Governor of Sichuan province. Prior to his assuming the post of governor, he served as vice governor and head of the party Organization Department in Sichuan province.


Wei Hong was born in Yinan County, Shandong province.[1] He served in the railway force of the People's Liberation Army from November 1970 to March 1978 and joined the Communist Party of China in June 1973. From 1978 to 1979 he studied at the Changsha Railway Force College in Hunan province.[1] He studied economics at the graduate school of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics from 1996 to 1998.[1]

Starting in 1982 Wei worked in Sichuan province; he became a political operative in 1986, joining the provincial party Organization Department. In 1997, he became deputy head of the provincial organization department, and then became the Communist Party Chief of Ya'an prefecture from 2000 to 2002. In September 2002, he became the head of the Organization Department of Sichuan province, and then joined the provincial Party Standing Committee several months later. He was named executive deputy governor of Sichuan province in May 2007.[1]

Surprisingly, however, Wei's name did not appear on the 2012 list of the provincial Standing Committee, but he held onto the post of vice governor. As then-Governor Jiang Jufeng approached retirement age, speculation placed then-deputy provincial party chief and Zhou Yongkang associate Li Chuncheng and Chengdu party chief Huang Xinchu as the likely successors of Jiang; however, Li was placed under investigation for corruption shortly following the 18th Party Congress, thereafter Wei emerged as a serious contender.[2]

In January 2013, Wei Hong succeeded Jiang as Governor of Sichuan.[1][3] At the time of his appointment, it was notable that unlike most other provincial governors, Wei held neither a full nor alternate seat on the party's Central Committee.[4]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Jiang Jufeng
Governor of Sichuan
2013 – present