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The account creator user group grants access to a tool which permits trusted Wikipedia contributors to make a large number of accounts for other people who request them.

Account creators' abilities

Accounts in the account creator user group have the technical ability to perform the following actions:

Becoming an account creator

The account creator flag may be granted to users who are:

The right is included in the Administrator toolset.

Users are expected to correctly handle many requests and have hit the six (6) account rate limit more than once before requesting the flag, which may be done at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Account creator.

To grant the flag, administrators should follow the instructions at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Account creator/Administrator instructions.

Other information

The account creator permission is provided to active account creators in both the ACC process and the education program only while they are performing those roles. Users with the account creator right are allowed to use any of the technical abilities included with this user right at their own discretion. The English Wikipedia has 149 users who explicitly have the account creator flag enabled.

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