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December 29[edit]

Colleges and universities[edit]

Category:UC Davis Alumni[edit]

Category:Teen novels[edit]

Category:Songs with Days of the Week in their Title[edit]

Category:People from Switzerland[edit]

Category:Michael Jackson[edit]

Category:Waterfalls in Turkey[edit]

Category:Antisemitic people[edit]

Category:Schools in New York[edit]

Category:People from Dallas, Texas[edit]

Category:Nickelodeon actors[edit]

Category:Houston albums[edit]

Category:Methodist bishops of the Manila Area[edit]

Category:Bell Globemedia[edit]

Category:New Zealand rock bands[edit]

Category:Boarding schools in Virginia[edit]


Category:Fictional narcissists[edit]

Category:Good articles needing attention[edit]

Category:Old World rats and mice & Category:New World rats and mice[edit]

Category:Invasive species[edit]

Category:Catholic Businesspeople[edit]

Category:Sacred Texts[edit]

Category:Best Animated Film Golden Globe Nominee[edit]

Category:Irish Born Catholic Bishops (Living)[edit]

Category:Irish Born Catholic Bishops (Deceased)[edit]

Category:BART stations[edit]

Category:Wikipedians that welcome new users[edit]

  • Delete as with any cross-categorisation of occupations. Osomec 17:03, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

Category:Members of the 110th United States Congress who have served in the United States Military[edit]