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June 23[edit]

Category:Oxford books[edit]

Category:University and college types to Category:Types of universities and colleges[edit]

Category:Left-footed players to Category:Left-footed footballers[edit]

Category:Fictional Vegetarians[edit]

Category:Currencies of the Eurozone to Category:Eurozone fiscal matters[edit]

Category:Muslim Britains[edit]

Category:Muslim Britons to category:British Muslims[edit]

Category:Famous members of Red Sox Nation[edit]

Category:Australian doctors to Category:Australian physicians[edit]

Category:Natives of Nürnberg to Category:Natives of Nuremberg[edit]

Category:Columbia Pictures films to Category:Columbia films[edit]

Category:Soviet military aircraft[edit]


British "ethnic" categories again[edit]

Category:Named Users[edit]

Category:Degenerate forms[edit]

Category:Finnish Diaspora Royalty[edit]