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November 28[edit]

Category:History of ancient Pakistan[edit]

Category:Sport in East Riding of Yorkshire[edit]

Category:Unofficial golf tournaments[edit]

Category:Unofficial golf tournaments to Category:Unofficial money golf tournaments

Category:Anti-Judaic people[edit]

Category:Kazakh ski jumpers[edit]

Category:Irish American Football Players[edit]

Category:Roman Catholic Communities in Ontario[edit]

Category:American clergy by state[edit]

Category:Rotana Singers[edit]

Category:Student Radio[edit]

Category:Cute 'em ups[edit]

Category:The X-Files[edit]

Category:Acting First Ladies[edit]

Category:Irish-American editors[edit]

Category:People who let their mental retardation Influence their speaking.[edit]

Category:People who let their retardation Influence their speaking.[edit]

More American bishops by nationality[edit]

Category:S.C. Johnson brands[edit]

Note that I as the movant accepted the recommendation to rename to an alternate name and thus although consensus was not determined during the process, there is now consensus. TonyTheTiger 18:38, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

Category:Adult learners of Welsh[edit]

Category:National poets[edit]

Category:BCS Young Professionals Group Chairs[edit]

Category:Computer and Videogames game guide cleanup[edit]