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High school radio are radio stations located at high schools and usually operated by its students with faculty supervision. Stations fitting this description existed in the mid-1920s.[citation needed] Little is recorded about these stations, but like other low-powered stations of the era, their programming would tend to be sporadic, with music and readings performed live by the station's performers – the era of playing records would not be established until the 1950s.[citation needed] The combination of the Great Depression of the early 1930s and new restrictions enacted by the Federal Communications Commission forced all of the high school stations off the air by 1934.[citation needed]

It would be until the late 1940s, with the advent of the 88–108 MHz FM radio band that renewed interest was shown in HS radio. Because the 88-92 MHz region was dedicated to non-commercial broadcasting, this allowed for schools to fairly easily obtain licenses from the FCC. The oldest HS station on FM is WNAS in New Albany, Indiana, which started broadcasting in May 1949.[1] The station is still broadcasting today. WHHS, Haverford Senior High School's radio station also started in 1949, located in Havertown, Pennsylvania.[2] As the FM band increased in listenership in the next few decades, the number of HS stations increased with it. By the 1970s, there were over 150 HS stations across the country.[citation needed] In addition to this number, there have always been untold numbers of unlicensed stations using carrier current (popular through the 1970s), extremely low power or "Part 15" stations, and closed circuit broadcasting. Many of the licensed stations are assigned to suburban school districts in a few large metro areas: Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and to a lesser extent San Francisco and Cleveland. There have historically been very few H.S. stations in the Southeast.[citation needed]

While some HS stations became important training grounds for students who would go on to careers in broadcasting,[citation needed] the perception of HS stations as poorly programmed and supervised helped contribute to the downfall of many stations. After a steady decline in their numbers in the 1980s and '90s, the availability of LPFM licenses has renewed interest in HS radio, at least in rural areas where the LPFM license is most readily available.[citation needed]

Today's HS stations, particularly in rural areas, serve as de facto community radio stations when classes are not in session.[citation needed]

Difficulties of high school broadcasting[edit]

Many HS stations were first licensed in the 1970s on the FM band, just as the band was beginning to fill up and become crowded in many cities. As a result, HS stations tended to be low-powered (under one kilowatt) in most instances.[citation needed]

  • The expense involved with maintaining broadcasting equipment.
  • Among more powerful HS stations, especially in urban markets, the station's license could become very valuable. This would tend to tempt school administrators to sell the license, usually to a local college, public, or Christian radio broadcaster. Several HS stations have met this fate: KCDC, near Denver, operated sporadically for years before being sold to a public broadcaster. WYCS-FM, near Hampton Roads, Virginia, is now a Christian radio station. Several smaller stations have been transferred to colleges.[citation needed]
  • Many of the lowest-powered stations that held "Class D" licenses had no legal protection against higher powered stations applying for their frequency, and thus many were simply forced off the air.
  • Instructors or faculty involved with initially establishing the radio station leave or retire and the school is unable to find replacements. A lack of interest then begins to build amongst the students.[citation needed]
  • HS stations must air at least 12 hours daily, or they are left open for a third party to apply for a timeshare on the frequency, as in the case of 2004, when Hoosier Public Radio Corp. of Greenfield, Indiana, applied for such against seven HS and college radio stations in Indiana and Kentucky. In March 2005, the FCC ruled against HPR in the case of four of the affected stations, granting the affected stations renewed licenses. The cases in the other three stations are still pending.[citation needed]
  • A general perception that radio technology is no longer as exciting to high school students as newer technologies such as the Internet. Many HS stations are now spending more time relaying public radio outlets than producing their own programming.

John Drury High School Radio Awards[edit]

The John Drury Awards are a national competition for high school radio students.[3] The Drury categories include Best Newscast, Best Promotional Announcement, Best Sports Play-by-Play, and Best Public Service Announcement.[4] The awards are held each May annually. The awards luncheon and ceremony is hosted by North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, just outside Chicago.[5] The awards began as a small enterprise, but have grown each year with entries from stations in Michigan, Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, Iowa, and more.[4] They are named in memory of John Drury, a television news anchorman from Chicago, IL.

The individual record for most awards won was set in 2007 by Wade Fink. Fink won seven awards, and had more points individually than any other station had total.[6]

Points are awarded for each win in one of the ten categories. The station with the most points at the end of the ceremony wins "Station of the Year". The previous Station of the Year award winners are:

  • 2005: 88.1 WLTL La Grange, Illinois
  • 2006: 88.1 WBFH Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • 2007: 88.1 WBFH Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • 2008: 88.1 TIE WBFH Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and 88.1 WLTL La Grange, Illinois
  • 2009: 88.1 WLTL La Grange, Illinois
  • 2010: 88.1 WLTL La Grange, Illinois
  • 2011: 90.3 WWPT Westport, Connecticut
  • 2012: 88.1 WLTL La Grange, Illinois
  • 2013-2014: 88.1 WBFH Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • 2015: TIE 88.1 WBFH Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and WLTL La Grange, Illinois
  • 2017: 90.3 WWPT Westport, Connecticut
  • 2018-2019: 90.3 WWPT Westport, Connecticut

The 2009–2010 award nominations were announced in September 2010.[7] WBFH led the nation with 17 nominations, with Josh Loney leading the individual nomination total with 8. WWPT of Westport, Connecticut had the second most nominations with 9 total. WLTL had 8 and WGBK had 4.

List of radio stations in the United States[edit]

"Defunct" refers only to the stations themselves and not necessarily the schools that operated them. The dates listed often refer to the year when the station's license was formally revoked by the FCC, though in most cases the station had ceased broadcasting years before that.

This list includes stations that were/are licensed by the FCC and other stations eligible for the John Drury National High School Radio Awards. No licensed HS stations are known to have existed in Alabama, Hawaii, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

Call sign Frequency City of license State Owner Notes
KDHS-LP 95.5 FM Delta Junction Alaska Delta High School
KEAA-LP 97.9 FM Eagle Alaska Eagle Community School
KAMP-LP 92.9 FM St. Michael Alaska Anthony A. Andrews School
KUYI 88.1 FM Hopi Reservation Arizona Hopi Junior and Senior H.S.
KRMH 89.7 FM Red Mesa Arizona Red Mesa H.S.
KGHR 91.5 FM Tuba City Arizona Greyhills Academy
KWXL-LP 98.7 FM Tucson Arizona Pueblo Magnet H.S.
KVIT 90.7 FM Apache Junction/Mesa Arizona East Valley Institute of Technology
KPNG 88.7 FM Chandler/Mesa Arizona East Valley Institute of Technology
KCAC 89.5 FM Camden Arkansas Camden Career Center
KVMN 89.9 FM Cave City Arkansas Cave City H.S.
KCEA 89.1 FM Atherton California Menlo-Atherton H.S.
KBSH 89.9 FM Borrego Springs California Borrego Springs H.S. Defunct
KBPK 90.1 FM Buena Park California Buena Park H.S. Station now operated by Fullerton College
KVHS 90.5 FM Concord California Clayton Valley H.S.
KECG 88.1 FM El Cerrito California El Cerrito H.S.
KGAR-LP 93.3 FM Lemoore California Lemoore Union H.S.
KNBS 90.3 FM Manteca California East Union H.S. Defunct (1980)
KAKX 89.3 FM Mendocino California Mendocino H.S.
KBHI 88.9 FM Modesto California Beyer H.S. Defunct (1980)
KDHS 90.5 FM Modesto California Downey H.S. Defunct (1983)
KSFH 87.9 FM Mountain View California St. Francis H.S.
KOEN 89.7 FM Oceanside California Carlsbad H.S. Defunct
KSPB 91.9 FM Pebble Beach California Stevenson School http://www.kspb.org
KPSH 88.3 FM Palm Springs California Palm Springs H.S. Defunct
KRBH-LP 107.7 FM Red Bluff California Red Bluff H.S.
KRVH 91.5 FM Rio Vista California Rio Vista H.S.
KRLK 97.5 FM Rio Linda California Rio Linda H.S. Defunct as of June 2012, now KRIO AM Radio
Tech Radio 104.7 FM Rosemead California Don Bosco Technical Institute H.S.
KXHV 89.7 FM Sacramento California Sacramento H.S. Defunct (2003)
KYDS 91.5 FM Sacramento California El Camino Fundamental H.S.
KBCP 1650 AM San Jose California Bellarmine College Preparatory
KMTG 88.3 FM San Jose California Pioneer H.S.
KSRH 88.1 FM San Rafael California San Rafael H.S.
KSHS 87.5 FM Santa Ana California Saddleback H.S.
KTUO 99.1 FM Sonora California Tuolomne H.S. Defunct
KNHS 89.7 FM Torrance California North H.S. Defunct (1991)
KVIK 91.5 FM Travis AFB California Vanden H.S. Defunct (1990)
KBDG 90.9 FM Turlock California Turlock Union H.S. Station sold – now an ethnic broadcaster
KVCB-LP 100.9 FM Vacaville California Vacaville Christian H.S. FM plus HD1; HD2; HD3; HD4
KWHS 91.7 FM West Sacramento California Washington H.S. Defunct (1983)
KBHS 1680 AM Wilmington California Banning H.S.
KCDC 90.7 FM Longmont Colorado St. Vrain Valley Career Development Center Station sold in 2002, now a public radio station
KURA-LP 98.9 FM Ouray Colorado Ouray H.S.
KFBS 1260 FM Trinidad Colorado School District No. 1 (1920s) Callsign now assigned to a shortwave radio station on Saipan
WERB 94.5 FM Berlin Connecticut Berlin H.S.
WQTQ 89.9 FM Hartford Connecticut Weaver H.S.
WSLX 91.9 FM New Canaan Connecticut St. Luke's School
WBVC 91.1 FM Pomfret Connecticut Pomfret School
WPHT 88.3 FM Portland, Connecticut Connecticut Portland High School
WDJW 89.7 FM Somers Connecticut Somers H.S.
WWPT 90.3 FM Westport Connecticut Staples H.S.
WWEB 89.9 FM Wallingford Connecticut Choate Rosemary Hall Foundation
WMHS 88.1 FM Pike Creek Delaware Thomas McKean H.S.
WMPH 91.7 FM Wilmington Delaware Mount Pleasant H.S.
WUCR-LP 107.9 FM Lake Butler Florida Union County H.S.
WTHS 91.7 FM Miami Florida Miami Technical H.S. Defunct
WGAG-FM 89.3 FM Orlando Florida Oak Ridge H.S. Defunct (1981)
WTHA-LP 107.1 FM Seaside Florida Seaside Charter School Defunct (2015)
WKPX 88.5 FM Sunrise Florida Piper H.S.
WPFL 88.9 FM Winter Park Florida Winter Park H.S. Defunct (1982)
WBHS-LP 106.7 FM Brunswick Georgia Brunswick H.S.
WCHS-LP 102.7 FM Sylvester Georgia Worth County H.S.
WXFC-LP 92.7 FM Blue Ridge Georgia Fannin County H.S.
KIBQ 91.9 FM Idaho Falls Idaho Idaho Falls H.S. Defunct (1980)
KLHS 88.9 FM Lewiston Idaho Lewiston H.S. Station transferred to Lewis–Clark State College in 2003. In 2007 call sign changed to KLCZ.
WBPR 88.5 FM Barrington Illinois Barrington High School Defunct (1982)
WRTE 89.5 FM Cahokia Illinois Cahokia H.S. Defunct (1989), unrelated to the current Chicago station with this callsign
WBHI 90.7 FM Chicago Illinois Bogan H.S. Defunct
WLTS 1160 AM Chicago Illinois Lane Tech High School (1920s)
WDGC 88.3 FM Downers Grove Illinois North and South High Schools
WEPS 88.9 FM Elgin Illinois School District U-46, Elgin High School
WDLJ 88.5 FM Evanston Illinois Evanston Township High School Defunct
WHFH 88.5 FM Flossmoor Illinois Homewood-Flossmoor High School The largest high school radio station in America, operating at over 1500 watts.
WGHS 88.5 FM Glen Ellyn Illinois Glenbard West High School Defunct
WGBK 88.5 FM Glenview Illinois Glenbrook South High School
WHSD 88.5 FM Hinsdale Illinois Central and South High Schools
WLTL 88.1 FM La Grange Illinois Lyons Township High School The nation's most awarded high school radio station
WAES 88.1 FM Lincolnshire Illinois Stevenson High School
WRHS 88.1 FM Park Forest Illinois Rich Township H.S. Defunct (1982)
WMTH 90.5 FM Park Ridge Illinois Maine Township HS Dist 207- Maine East, Maine South and Maine West High Schools
WQNA 88.3 FM Springfield Illinois Capital Area Career Center
WNTH 88.1 FM Winnetka Illinois New Trier High School
WHJE 91.3 FM Carmel Indiana Carmel H.S.
WDSO 88.3 FM Chesterton Indiana Chesterton H.S.
WJHS 91.5 FM Columbia City Indiana Columbia City H.S.
WPSR 90.7 FM Evansville Indiana Central H.S. Licensed to Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp. www.907wpsr.com
WCYT 91.1 FM Fort Wayne Indiana Homestead H.S.
WGVE 88.7 FM Gary Indiana Gary Area Career Center
WDHS 90.9 FM Gaston Indiana Wes-Del H.S. Defunct (1987)
WRGF 89.7 FM Greenfield Indiana Greenfield-Central H.S.
WVSH 91.9 FM Huntington Indiana Huntington North H.S.
WJEL 89.3 FM Indianapolis Indiana J. Everett Light Career Center
WBDG 90.9 FM Indianapolis Indiana Ben Davis H.S. FM plus HD1; HD2
WEDM 91.1 FM Indianapolis Indiana Walker Career Center at Warren Central H.S.
WRFT 91.5 FM Indianapolis Indiana Franklin Central H.S.
WKPW 90.7 FM Knightstown Indiana New Castle Career Center
WHSK 89.1 FM Kokomo Indiana Central H.S. Defunct
WJEF 91.9 FM Lafayette Indiana Jefferson H.S.
WCYT 91.1 FM Lafayette Township Indiana Homestead H.S.
WBRO 89.9 FM Marengo Indiana Crawford County H.S.
WWDS 90.5 FM Muncie Indiana Delta H.S. License cancelled September 16, 2010
WWHI 91.3 FM Muncie Indiana West H.S. Station sold to Ball State University (2004)
WNAS 88.1 FM New Albany Indiana New Albany H.S.
WEEM 91.7 FM Pendleton Indiana Pendleton Heights H.S.
WETL 91.7 FM South Bend Indiana James Whitcomb Riley H.S.
WJWS-LP 93.7 FM Jasper Indiana Jasper H.S.
KDPS 88.1 FM Des Moines Iowa Des Moines Public Schools
KWDM 88.7 FM West Des Moines Iowa Valley High School
KBFZ-LP 101.7 FM Garden City Kansas Garden City H.S.
KHHS 88.1 FM Hillsboro Kansas Hillsboro H.S. Defunct (1980)
WRHR-LP 95.3 FM Corbin Kentucky Corbin H.S.
WFHS-LP 92.7 FM Fern Creek Kentucky Fern Creek Traditional H.S.
WYJR-LP 95.5 FM Middlesboro Kentucky Middlesboro H.S.
WBEH 89.3 FM New Orleans Louisiana P.G. Beauregard School Defunct
KBRH 1260 AM Baton Rouge Louisiana Baton Rouge Magnet H.S.
WBRH 90.3 FM Baton Rouge Louisiana Baton Rouge Magnet H.S.
WMOS 95.3 FM Bath Maine Morse H.S. Defunct since around 1990
WBHS 91.9 FM Brunswick Maine Brunswick H.S. Defunct (1981)
WSHD 91.7 FM Eastport Maine Shead Memorial H.S.
WBYQ 96.7 FM Baltimore Maryland Dundalk H.S. Defunct
WSPH 88.1 FM Sparrows Point Maryland Sparrows Point H.S. Defunct (1979)
WKHS 90.5 FM Worton Maryland Kent County H.S.
WHAB 89.1 FM Acton Massachusetts Acton-Boxborough H.S.
WPAA 91.7 FM Andover Massachusetts Phillips Academy Defunct (2002), now webcast only
WBMT 88.3 FM Boxford Massachusetts Masconomet Regional H.S.
WBPV 90.7 FM Charlton Massachusetts Bay Path Vocational H.S. Station sold to a religious broadcaster
WIQH 88.3 FM Concord Massachusetts Concord-Carlisle H.S.
WNNZ-FM 91.7 FM Deerfield Massachusetts Deerfield Academy
WCCT-FM 90.3 FM Harwich Port Massachusetts Cape Cod Regional Technical H.S.
WDBY 91.7 FM Duxbury Massachusetts Duxbury H.S. Defunct
WHHB 99.9 FM Holliston Massachusetts Holliston H.S.
WAVM 91.7 FM Maynard Massachusetts Maynard H.S.
WWTA 88.5 FM Marion Massachusetts Tabor Academy
WQLI 88.7 FM Newbury Massachusetts Governor Dummer Academy Defunct
WNMH 91.5 FM Northfield Massachusetts Northfield Mount Hermon School
WRPS 88.3 FM Rockland Massachusetts Rockland H.S.
WSDH 91.5 FM Sandwich Massachusetts Sandwich H.S.
WBSL-FM 91.7 FM Sheffield Massachusetts The Berkshire School
WTBR-FM 89.7 FM Pittsfield Massachusetts Taconic H.S.
WYAJ 97.7 FM Sudbury Massachusetts Lincoln-Sudbury H.S.
WSRB 91.5 FM Walpole Massachusetts Walpole H.S. Defunct (2001)[8]
WHSR 91.9 FM Winchester Massachusetts Winchester H.S. Defunct
WAHS 89.5 FM Auburn Hills Michigan Avondale H.S.
WCHW 91.3 FM Bay City Michigan Bay City Public Schools
WBFH 88.1 FM Bloomfield Hills Michigan Andover H.S.
WKDS 89.9 FM Kalamazoo Michigan Norrix H.S. Defunct
WERW 94.3 FM Monroe Michigan Monroe H.S. Station now operated by a community college
WRFK-LP 107.7 FM Mt. Pleasant Michigan Mt. Pleasant Baptist Academy Defunct
WNBI-LP 107.9 FM New Buffalo Michigan New Buffalo H.S.
WOVI 89.5 FM Novi Michigan Novi H.S.
WOPR 90.3 FM Oak Park Michigan Oak Park H.S. Defunct
WOAS 88.5 FM Ontonagon Michigan Ontonagon Area H.S.
WBLD 89.3 FM Orchard Lake Michigan West Bloomfield H.S.
WOES 91.3 FM Ovid-Elsie Michigan Ovid-Elsie H.S.
WBBP 1260 AM Petoskey Michigan Petoskey H.S. (1920s)
WSDP 88.1 FM Plymouth Michigan Plymouth-Canton H.S.
WORW 91.9 FM Port Huron Michigan Northern H.S. First began broadcasting in 1972, and is still in operation.
WOAK 89.3 FM Royal Oak Michigan Royal Oak H.S. Defunct
WSHJ 88.3 FM Southfield Michigan Southfield H.S.
WMLZ-LP 107.9 FM Temperance Michigan Bedford H.S.
WPHS 89.1 FM Warren Michigan Cousino H.S.
WTSD 88.1 FM Waterford Michigan Waterford H.S. Defunct
KBEM-FM 88.5 FM Minneapolis Minnesota North H.S. High school students are on the air every school day plus every weekday during the Summer from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM
KDXL 106.5 FM St. Louis Park Minnesota St. Louis Park H.S. Station shares time with KUOM-FM, St. Louis Park, owned by the University of Minnesota) KUOM-FM is the FM simulcast of KUOM 770 AM, the student-operated station at the university.
WALP 90.5 FM Corinth Mississippi Kossuth H.S. Defunct (1989)
WPWS-LP 104.3 FM Piney Woods Mississippi The Piney Woods School
KRHS 90.1 FM Overland Missouri Ritenour H.S.
KOMR 89.3 FM St. Louis Missouri Mehlville H.S. Defunct (1979)
KHTC 89.5 FM Helena Montana Helena Vo-Tech Defunct (1990)
KPLR-LP 96.9 FM Poplar Montana Poplar H.S.
KTGC-LP 101.3 FM St. Regis Montana St. Regis H.S.
KDGZ-LP 98.3 FM Townsend Montana Broadwater H.S.
KOCH 1160 AM Omaha Nebraska Central H.S. (1923–1928)
KFOX 1210 AM Omaha Nebraska Technical H.S. (1920s)
KGLH 91.5 FM Gerlach Nevada Gerlach H.S. Defunct (1990)
KLME-FM 88.1 FM Battle Mountain Nevada Battle Mountain H.S. Ceased operation 1983
WSPS 90.5 FM Concord New Hampshire St. Paul's School
WPEA 90.5 FM Exeter New Hampshire Phillips Exeter Academy
WLLO-LP 102.9 FM Londonderry New Hampshire Londonderry High School
WAJM 88.9 FM Atlantic City New Jersey Atlantic City High School
WBEK 88.1 FM Cherry Hill New Jersey Cherry Hill School District - Beck Middle School Defunct (1984)
WCVH 90.5 FM Flemington New Jersey Hunterdon Central High School
WHPH 90.5 FM Whippany New Jersey Hanover Park High School
Whippany Park High School
Defunct (1986)
WJSV 90.5 FM Morristown New Jersey Morristown High School
WLCR 89.7 FM Lawrence Twp. New Jersey Lawrence High School Defunct
WMRH-LP 101.7 FM Linwood New Jersey Mainland Regional High School
WOGH 88.9 FM West Orange New Jersey West Orange High School Defunct (1981)
WRRH 88.7 FM Franklin Lakes New Jersey Ramapo High School Defunct
WVHP 90.3 FM Highland Park New Jersey Highland Park High School Defunct
WVPH 90.3 FM Piscataway New Jersey Piscataway Township High School Station is now shared between the high school and Rutgers University
WWPH 107.9 FM Princeton Junction New Jersey West Windsor-Plainsboro High School
WBXL 90.5 FM Baldwinsville New York Charles W. Baker H.S.
WXBA 88.1 FM Brentwood New York Brentwood H.S.
WBKT 93.3 FM Brockport New York D.W. Field H.S. Defunct (1991)
WSVS 1370 AM Buffalo New York Seneca Vocational School (1920s)
WCSQ 89.3 FM Central Square New York Central Square H.S. Defunct (1991)
WHHJ 88.9 FM Dix Hills New York Half Hills Hollow East H.S. Defunct (1981)
WELV-LP 107.9 FM Ellenville New York Ellenville H.S.
WSHS 90.3 FM Floral Park New York Sewanhaka H.S. Defunct (1964)
WGMC 90.1 FM Greece New York Olympia H.S.
WSHR 91.9 FM Lake Ronkonkoma New York Sachem North H.S.
WBER 90.5 FM Monroe New York Monroe-Woodbury Central School District BOCES
WOSS 91.5 FM Ossining New York Ossining H.S. Defunct (1998)
WPOB 88.5 FM Plainview New York Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy H.S. Shares time with WKWZ, Syosset
WDOT 530 AM Port Washington New York Schreiber H.S.
WIRQ 90.9 FM Rochester New York Irondeqouit H.S.
WSCS 89.5 FM Sodus New York Sodus H.S. Defunct (1990)
WKWZ 88.5 FM Syosset New York Syosset H.S. Shares time with WPOB, Plainview
WRPT Online Durham North Carolina Research Triangle H.S. [2]
WUAW 88.3 FM Erwin North Carolina Triton H.S.
WSEQ-LP 92.9 FM Hudson North Carolina South Caldwell H.S.
WSER-LP 100.1 FM Lenoir North Carolina South Caldwell H.S.
WRSH 91.1 FM Rockingham North Carolina Rockingham H.S.
WHYC 88.5 FM Swan Quarter North Carolina Matamuskeet H.S.
WZCO 89.9 FM Chadbourn, North Carolina North Carolina Columbus Career and College Academy
WAPS 91.3 FM Akron Ohio Akron Public Schools
WKHR 91.5 FM Bainbridge Ohio Kenston High School
WCNE 88.7 FM Batavia Ohio Clermont Northeastern H.S. Defunct (1989); had been shared-time with WOBO, now operating 24 hours on 88.7
WBHR 88.7 FM Bellaire Ohio Bellaire H.S. Defunct (1989)
WCWT 107.3 FM Centerville Ohio Centerville H.S.
WNSD 90.1 FM Cincinnati Ohio Colerain H.S.
WDPS-FM 89.5 FM Dayton Ohio Dayton Public Schools
WUDR 98.1 FM Dayton Ohio Northridge H.S. Station now operated by the University of Dayton
WDEQ 91.7 FM De Graff Ohio Riverside H.S.
WGVO 91.5 FM Greenville Ohio Greenville H.S. Defunct (1989)
WHSS 89.5 FM Hamilton Ohio Hamilton H.S. (1975-2010)
WKET 98.3 FM Kettering Ohio Kettering H.S.
WDIF-LP 97.5 FM Marion Ohio Harding H.S.
WLMH 89.1 FM Morrow Ohio Little Miami H.S. Defunct (2012)
WNHS-LP 105.7 FM Newcomerstown Ohio Newcomerstown H.S.
WRCJ 89.3 FM Reading Ohio Reading H.S. Defunct (1989)
WSTB 88.9 FM Streetsboro Ohio Streetsboro H.S.
WKTL 90.7 FM Struthers Ohio Struthers H.S.
WABR 1140 AM Toledo Ohio Scott H.S. (1920s)
WXTS 88.3 FM Toledo Ohio Scott H.S.
WUHS 91.7 FM Urbana Ohio Urbana H.S. Defunct (1989)
WLHS 89.9 FM West Chester Ohio Lakota H.S. Defunct May 2013 - Now owned by WMKV. Facilities used to simulcast WMKV's programming.
WUHS-LP 96.9 FM West Union Ohio West Union H.S.
KCHC 91.7 FM Central Point Oregon Crater H.S. Defunct (1981)
KMHS 1420 AM Coos Bay Oregon Marshfield H.S.
KEPO 92.9 FM Eagle Point Oregon Eagle Point Defunct
KRVM-FM 91.9 FM Eugene Oregon Eugene School District 4J.
KFSL-LP 99.5 FM Fossil Oregon Wheeler H.S.
KPAI-LP 103.1 FM Paisley Oregon Paisley H.S.
KZSO-LP 106.5 FM Sisters Oregon Sisters H.S. Defunct March 22, 2016
KBPS 1450 AM Portland Oregon Benson H.S.
WASD 88.1 FM Exeter Pennsylvania Wyoming Area H.S. Defunct
WRSD 97.3 FM Folsom Pennsylvania Ridley H.S.
WZZE 94.9 FM Glen Mills Pennsylvania Glen Mills School Defunct July 2, 2019
WHHS 99.9 FM Havertown Pennsylvania Haverford Twp. H.S.
WMSS 91.1 FM Middletown Pennsylvania Middletown Area Middle School
WCSD 89.3 FM Warminster Pennsylvania William Tennent H.S. Defunct 1980; license transferred to Bux-Mont Educational Radio Association, which changed the call letters to WRDV
WCVY 91.5 FM Coventry Rhode Island Coventry H.S.
WJHD 90.7 FM Portsmouth Rhode Island Portsmouth Abbey School
WELH 88.1 FM Providence Rhode Island The Wheeler School
WCEW 90.9 FM Charleston South Carolina C.E. Williams Middle School Defunct (1988)
WACF Columbia South Carolina A. C. Flora High School Defunct
WCSK 90.3 FM Kingsport Tennessee Dobyns-Bennett H.S.
WKCS 91.1 FM Knoxville Tennessee Fulton H.S.
WQOX 88.5 FM Memphis Tennessee Craigmont H.S.
WIKU 91.3 FM Pikeville Tennessee Bledsoe County H.S. Defunct (1988)
WQTR-LP 106.1 FM Savannah Tennessee Hardin County H.S.
WMTN-LP 94.1 FM Sewanee Tennessee St. Andrews-Sewanee School
KRSM 93.3 FM Dallas Texas St. Mark's School of Texas Defunct (1997)
KQAT-LP 104.9 FM Hallsville Texas Hallsville H.S.
KEOM 88.5 FM Mesquite Texas Mesquite Independent School District.
KPHS 90.3 FM Plains Texas Plains H.S.
KQSA 93.5 FM Mercedes Texas The Science Academy of South Texas
KGVH 91.7 FM Gunnison Utah Gunnison Valley H.S. Defunct
KSME 90.7 FM Manti Utah Manti H.S. Defunct
KMTP 91.1 FM Mount Pleasant Utah North Sanpete H.S. Defunct
KOHS 91.7 FM Orem Utah Orem H.S.
KPWN 90.9 FM Parowan Utah Parowan H.S. Defunct
KPGR 88.1 FM Pleasant Grove Utah Pleasant Grove H.S.
KUHS 90.9 FM Roosevelt Utah Union H.S. Defunct
KUIB 89.1 FM Vernal Utah Uintah H.S. Defunct
WVEP 88.3 FM E. Montpelier Vermont U-32 H.S. Defunct (1981)
WYTC-LP 89.1 FM Hyde Park Vermont Lamoille Union H.S.
WFOS 88.7 FM Chesapeake Virginia Chesapeake Public Schools
WHCE 91.1 FM Highland Springs Virginia Highland Springs H.S.
WVLS 89.7 FM Monterey Virginia Highland H.S.
WBBW 1350 AM Norfolk Virginia Ruffner H.S. (1920s)
WSCE-LP 95.7 FM Woodstock Virginia Central H.S.
WYCS 91.5 FM Yorktown Virginia York County H.S. Station sold to religious broadcaster
KAHS-LP 106.5 FM Aberdeen Washington Aberdeen H.S.
KASB 89.9 FM Bellevue Washington Bellevue H.S.
KGHP 89.9 FM Gig Harbor Washington Peninsula High School Translators: K207AZ (89.3 FM), K229BL (93.7 FM)
KTCV 88.1 FM Kennewick Washington Tri-Cities Vocational Skills Center
KMIH 104.5 FM Mercer Island Washington Mercer Island H.S.
KUBS 91.5 FM Newport Washington Newport H.S.
KNHC 89.5 FM Seattle Washington Nathan Hale H.S. C-89.5
KFIO 1110 AM Spokane Washington North Central H.S., 1923-1929
KVTI 90.9 FM Tacoma Washington Clover Park Technical College Now leased to Northwest Public Radio
KYVT 88.5 FM Yakima Washington Yakima Valley Tech Skills Center
WCKV 89.5 FM Ceredo West Virginia Ceredo-Kenova H.S. License returned 1993
WFGH 90.7 FM Fort Gay West Virginia Tolsia H.S. Formerly located at Fort Gay H.S. through 1992
WRSG 91.5 FM Middlebourne West Virginia Tyler Consolidated H.S.
WSPW-LP 97.9 FM Parkersburg West Virginia South H.S.
WYRC-LP 92.3 FM Spencer West Virginia Roane County H.S.
WPHP 91.9 FM Wheeling West Virginia Wheeling Park H.S.
WBSD 89.1 FM Burlington Wisconsin Burlington H.S.
WGBP 90.1 FM Green Bay Wisconsin Premontre H.S. Defunct (1982)
WLXS-LP 101.5 FM La Crosse Wisconsin School District of La Crosse
WYMS 88.9 FM Milwaukee Wisconsin Milwaukee Public Schools Outside of compulsory airing of school board meetings, station is leased to non-profit group "Radio Milwaukee"
WESD 94.7 FM Schofield Wisconsin D.C. Everest H.S. Defunct (1988)
WSHS 91.7 FM Sheboygan Wisconsin Sheboygan North & South High School (Sheboygan Area School District) Station carries Wisconsin Public Radio's Ideas Network outside of school hours
KYDZ 90.1 FM Cody Wyoming Cody H.S. Defunct (1997)
KJHB-LP 97.7 FM Jackson Wyoming Jackson Hole H.S.

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