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WikiProject BELFAST

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Scope and Motivation[edit]

This WikiProject aims primarily to provide information in consistent format for articles on places in, or related to Belfast. On top of this, it aims to get the main Belfast article to featured status, whilst aiding the maintenance and improvement of the Northern Ireland Portal.

Articles and categories relating to Belfast are extensive and work needs to be/is being done across a multitude of areas. In order to gain the benefits of collaboration, please update this page with any relevant "to do"s.

Recent developments[edit]

  • Belfast has been successful as the Wikipedia:WikiProject UK geography's collaboration of the month. For anyone who's interested in helping to get the article up to FAC standard, there are many resources and a guide available on the UK Geography Project page.

Major pending tasks[edit]

  1. Update all {{infobox Belfast place}} templates to use include the new mapping function.
  2. Add the new {{WPBelfast}} template to all Belfast-related articles' talk pages.
    N.B. - please do not substitute the template, as any future changes to the template will not be updated automatically. On top of this, a substituted inclusion will not appear on the list of links that provides a gauge for the size of the WikiProject and ultimately all articles within the WikiProject (and does not include any non-relevant pages).
  3. Add new {{Belfast history}} navigational template to the top of all Belfast-history related articles.

  • Completely overhaul this page into a more coherent format.
    • Insert templates on talk pages of Northern Ireland-related articles referring to new MOS (yet to be created) page.
    • Create project space Manual of Style article and template.
    • Implement a guidance template to direct users to all the relevant pages (as per WP:WPF)
  • Implement a "Series on Belfast" template along the lines of {{Christianity}}

Manual of Style (conventions)[edit]

See Wikipedia:Northern Ireland Manual of Style


See Wikipedia:WikiProject Belfast/Templates

Creation of articles[edit]


For a full list of articles created since the project began, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Belfast/Log.

To do[edit]

To request articles on subjects, people or places (etc.) that do not yet exist, please place a request for them on the page Wikipedia:WikiProject Belfast/Missing articles.



To do[edit]

  • Locate non-categorised Belfast schools and categorise them into the appropriate category.



To do[edit]

  • The main Belfast article needs to achieve featured status.
  • The Greater Belfast article needs at least a 500-character count, but should be aiming for at least a B-class.
  • Every locality needs at least a 500-character stub article, built on top of its framework article.
  • All areas of historic importance need substantial articles.
  • Template:Infobox Belfast place (talk · links · edit) needs to be added to all Belfast district articles

Belfast articles that have been tagged with templates[edit]

List individual Belfast related articles that have been tagged (with, for example, reqphoto) here.

Tagged with WPBelfast template[edit]

Articles from the following categories have been tagged with the WPBelfast assessment template.


Wikimedia Commons has a wide range of Northern Ireland related photographs which can all be used freely to accompany articles in Wikipedia. See:

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Northern Ireland.
Wikimedia Commons has media related to Belfast.

If you have any Northern Ireland-related photographs you could load them up to Wikimedia Commons for all to use.

To do[edit]


Please register your participation in the WikiProject by adding your name to the list below (in alphabetical order). You can also add the userbox {{User WPBelfast}} to your user page.

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It is recommended that you keep this page and the talk page on your watchlist so that you remain informed about updates etc.

Article assessment[edit]

Useful categories[edit]

The following Belfast-related topics can be turned into an encyclopaedic article called List of Belfast topics which is part of Category:Topic lists.


Here are some open WikiProject Belfast tasks:
Parks and gardens:

Max Clendinning, Paul Charles (novelist), Paula Clamp, Colin Cooper (academic), Damien Dempsey, Brian Downey, Glen Hansard, H Douglas Keith, Charles Michael Lavery QC, Henry Lavery, Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott, Robert MacDonnell, Jim Malley, Gerry McAvoy, Lou Martin, Francis Maginn, Gary Moore, Zane Radcliffe, Gayle Williamson

Organisations: Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Belfast Boy's Model School
Major topics:
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The parent of this WikiProject are the WikiProject Cities and the WikiProject Northern Ireland projects.

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