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WikiProject Columbia, Missouri

The old and new in Downtown Columbia

Welcome to the WikiProject page for Columbia, Missouri and the surrounding Columbia Metropolitan Area These pages allow better collaboration for those interested in contributing to the Columbia article series on Wikipedia. Please feel free to browse; we would be happy if you would contribute!



University of Missouri School of Music

University of Missouri School of Music is currently undergoing good article review. Grey Wanderer (talk) 17:25, 31 August 2018 (UTC)

Columbia, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri was granted GA-status on January 5, 2008.Grey Wanderer | Talk 21:11, 5 January 2008 (UTC)


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Article Alerts

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How can I contribute to this project
How can I contribute to this project ?

If you are reading this, then you proably know something about Columbia. . . we welcome your contributions! If you're new to Wikipedia, have a look at the following:

If you're looking for something to do involving the Columbia article series, there's a list of articles to the right. Also, look for tags such as {{cleanup}} and {{unreferenced}} to guide your contributions to the articcle series. Finally, if you're a good photographer, have a look at the image requests below.

And remember, always provide sources for your edits.


Things to do for the Columbia WikiProject

This area is for contributions to managing the Columbia series. To contribute content to Columbia articles, please see the "to-do" list to the right.


Project goals
project goals

Current goal

Organize and collect all Wikipedia pages relating to Columbia in order to:

  1. encourage members interested in contributing/editing Columbia articles to work through these pages, so we can combine our efforts
  2. make all Columbia pages accessible through this page using category listings, so the entire sccope is visible to everyone
  3. make all article to-do lists and tasks available from one place, so contributors can choose their area of specialty
  4. centralize information/image/edit requests for all Columbia series pages, so requests can be publicized and quickly fulfilled

Intermediate goal

Bring Columbia article series to a respectable standard, where information about the city is reliable and of sufficient scope

Ultimate goal

Bring the Columbia, Missouri article to featured article status.


Image Requests

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Columbia, Missouri

  • City Hall (Daniel Boone Building)
  • Downtown
  • CenturyTel of Missouri
  • Businesses and Buildings along Broadway (both night and day pics)
  • Library
  • Some of the larger and historically significant houses that are closer to the mall than to the district that are along Broadway
  • 9th street
  • Local Bars - The Blue Note, De Ja Vu, Dueling Piano Bar, etc.
  • Quarterdeck Building on Lemone Blvd (ties in historically to both University and the Software company that owned it previously)
  • Local Businesses near Rockbridge Wal-Mart area
  • Columns - (need pic that shows views going both ways of the road that has columns on both ends of it)
  • Gallery and Museum Pics (to showcase some of the local art, and University owned galleries and things... for instance some of the Greek Statue replicas in Art and Archeology Bld. on MU Campus)
  • University Hospital and Helicoptor
  • Fountains and statues at various locations on insurance properties and on campus properties (the big lit up Christmas tree(s), the statue of Beetle Bailey, statue of Christ at Catholic Churches, etc.)
  • Churches (focus on archetectural aspects)
  • Stephens College, along with the stables, and the Lake in the park next to it


Available images

Click HERE to see/edit a gallery of images available for use in Columbia articles.



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Templates in Use
Templates in the Columbia series

User templates

If you live or have live in Columbia, Missouri, you can add this template to your userpage. This will also add your page to: Category:Wikipedians in Columbia, Missouri
to display the following userbox on your userpage:

The mizzou columns.jpgThis user lives in Columbia, Missouri.
If you are a part of the Columbia, Missouri WikiProject, you can add this template to your userpage:

{{User WikiProject Columbia, Missouri}}

to display the following userbox on your userpage:

Flag of Columbia, Missouri.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Columbia.

This will also add you to: Category:WikiProject Columbia, Missouri participants

WikiProject templates

This template should be placed on all article talk pages in the Columbia article series; doing so will automatically add the article to the category Category:Columbia, Missouri articles.
Use this template on an article's talk page only if:
This can be added to a user's talk page to invite him/her to the Columbia WikiProject.

Templates used in the Columbia, Missouri article series

This is the main template for the Columbia series, and should be added to the main page of all columbia-related articles non-biographical in nature.

This can be added to a page if it is in need of expansion.


project participants

Anyone who can assist in developing the article series, please add your name:


Current collaboration

This section attempts to focus members on one article in order to give it a concentrated effort at improvement.

Next period's nominees:

True/False Film Festival


Articles to work on

Articles to work on

About this section . . .

The goal is to bring articles from the bottom of the list to the top of the list. Once an article reaches Stage 4, we can focus on bringing it to Stage 5: featured article quality. Click on the "to do" link beside each article to see its list of tasks. There is also a link to each article's talk page.

Stage 5: Featured articles
Stage 4: Articles of adequate length needing expansion and/or improvement
Stage 3: Articles needing expansion, cleanup, and references
Stage 2.5: Articles that are painful to read and need improvement
Stage 2: Stubs and very short articles
Stage 1: Requests and ideas for future articles


Categories of the Columbia series

This section and its category listings serve to make all Columbia pages accessible through this page, so the entire scope of the Columbia series is visible to everyone. Please add pages to the correct category when appropriate.

Article series categories

User categories

WikiProject Mizzou categories


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