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This is the WikiProject Comics Notice Board. Please sign and date your additions to this page.

Action items[edit]

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Deletion discussions[edit]

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Wikipedia:Articles for deletion


Wikipedia:Categories for discussion

Images and media

Wikipedia:Images and media for deletion


Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion


Wikipedia:Templates for deletion


Wikipedia:Proposed deletion

Deletion review

Wikipedia:Deletion review

Requested moves, merges, and splits[edit]

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Proposed merges (2007)[edit]

Proposed splits (2007)

Requests for comment[edit]

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Articles (2007)[edit]

User conduct[edit]

  • User:Redhead911, who has been unilaterally splitting articles without consensus, attempted to do so again at Thor (Marvel Comics), after having been asked to discuss and seek consensus on mergers/splits. He has been uncommunicative. Initiating discussion of how best to proceed, here. --Tenebrae 22:43, 5 November 2007 (UTC)



Recent creations[edit]

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December 2007[edit]

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