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Wanted for a MoS-violation they didn't commit...

Okay, that was the draw, but this team has a serious purpose too: improving an article to FA standard is not easy, and there are plenty of obstacles and not enough support. The purpose of the FA-Team is to link and coordinate editors who want to help overcome the obstacles and provide support to all those who want to write great articles. We also believe that contributing to Wikipedia should be fun, and that is the spirit in which the team has been created.

There are many things the FA-Team can help with. What we can't do, however, is add substantial content or find references: as suggested above, editors who would like FA-Team help need to have access to reliable sources and use them to create and improve article content.

If you have an article you think would make a good FA-team Mission, propose it here.

Team members and specialities[edit]

  • Acercontact — Being the first on the list despite other members shameless attempt to make it to the top.
  • BQZip01contactGeneral, all-around pain in the butt that will pick apart an article for every single flaw (articles supported by this user have a 100% success rate); limited time availability, but still available upon request. Grammar chequer (spell check doesn't catch everything!),
  • BuddingJournalistcontact — References and research (I have the privilege of easy access to one of the largest library systems in the world, so ping away if you need a source!), some MOS, general formatting, some copyediting (although many of those listed here are far more talented than me at this!).
  • Caslibercontact — anything biological..(snigger), layout, copyediting, greek & latin translation etc.
  • Ceranthorcontact Formerly Meldshal42 and LordSunday. I'm known for a variety of things in article writing. But my best is either prose or references. <sniffles> I love my preciouses.[1]
  • Climie.cacontact — Refs n' Prose, highly detailed point-by-point article analysis. Whatever you do, DO NOT ask me about dashes – you won't enjoy the aftermath.
  • David Fuchscontact — Good with video game articles in general, and finding print sources; brilliant prose writer, 1st-class.[2]
  • Dwaipayancontact — reference formatting, some MoS.
  • EyeSerenecontact — article editing and copyediting (including images and related copyrights,[3] tables, markup and the Manual of Style); article assessment (particularly Good articles[4])
  • Gary Kingcontact — Helping out with whatever needs help
  • GamerPro64contact — I do GARs, FARs, and when there's a sentence that needs a reference, I do multiple searches for one.[5]
  • Geometry guycontact — templates, lead section, occasional imperfect copy-editing, formatting citations and references, image copyright and fair use issues, and even dashes.[6]
  • Gog the Mildcontact Copy editing; MoS; history, especially military history; GAN, ACR and FAC. Gog the Mild (talk) 21:05, 30 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • GrahamColmcontact — Plain English.[7][8][9]
  • jbmurraycontact — client turned provider ;). Willing to help out generally, above all with articles in the Humanities. Once library fines are paid, may even help with sources. --jbmurray (talk|contribs) 03:07, 22 April 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Juliancoltoncontact – MoS, copyediting, source checking
  • Kakofonouscontact — I'll fix any dash you could possibly want.
  • (Ling.Nut)[10]
  • (Marskell)
  • Milk's Favorite Cookiecontact – Referencing, copyediting, MOS fixes.
  • Mkdwtalk — FA nominations, city FA, formatting, and WikiProjects.
  • Mm40contact — Well-versed in MoS (the dashes in this section are wrong), source finding (I have access to JSTOR as well as numerous other databases, and several large libraries), source checking, ref formatting. I'm deeply involved in various review processes, so I can read it/fix it like people at FAC would. But please, no science.
  • Nishkid64contact — references, formatting, MoS fixes, copyediting?
  • Nousernamesleftcontact — Prose, prose, prose. Writing is my thing, MOS and references are not. Ask me about either of the latter and you'll live to regret it.
  • OhanaUnitedcontact — references, weasel words, and jargon words.
  • RC-0722contactpilot, typo's, layout, copyediting, style.[11]
  • Resident Mariocontact — Heya, whya not, it looks lika ita coulda be fun. Ima writer, you know, one a dem writa guys. (Specific areas: Volcanology, by extension mountains too.)[12]
  • Ruslik0contact — natural sciences especially physics; access to large amounts of reference material; ref templates.
  • Sasquatchcontact — All the normal copyedit stuff, science topics and engineering topics, scouring the academic databases for sources, I tend to be bored and have lots of free time on my hands.
  • Skomorokh — Philosophy and politics, arcana and emergent phenomena, reference scouring and footnoting.
  • Tony1contact — serves Devonshire tea.
  • Wradcontact — access to large amounts of reference material; experienced in working with and organizing collaborations of editors.

(Please add/remove your name to/from the alphabetical list, using {{User plus}}, if you do/don't support the goals of the FA-Team. It is also helpful to know how actively you can contribute, and what your areas of expertise are. Editors who support the FA-Team goals, but are unable to be actively involved for now, are welcome to add their username in brackets.)


  • Work with individual WikiProjects to improve articles towards featured article standard.

Proposed missions[edit]

If you have a mission idea you'd like to propose, list it here.

Current missions[edit]

Past missions[edit]

  • Mission 1: Murder, madness and mayhem.
    Objective: assist WP:MMM in improving twelve articles on Latin American literature towards featured article status.
    Mission coordinator: Wrad.
    Status: Three featured articles, and eight good articles produced during this mission.

FA-Team Analysis[edit]

For discussion on how the FA-Team could do an even better job, please comment here.

Why the FA-Team is ace[edit]

We occasionally receive accolades for our work and we greatly appreciate them, but most of all we judge our success by the articles we help bring to FA, and the editors we encourage to feel the buzz of writing top quality articles.

Editors who have caught the FA wave after working with the FA-Team[edit]

Featured articles with FA-Team support[edit]

Good articles with FA-Team support[edit]


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