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There is a very large number of editors who add links to common railroad and rail transport related subjects that are actually links to disambiguation pages. Periodically, we need to go through the "What links here" list on these disambig pages to fix the links therein. This page will list the disambig links and the most recent date of their repairs.

Please feel free to add to the list. If you've gone through the links and fixed them, please note the date so others will know when they were last checked (you don't need to sign it, just put the date that you finished the task). In the first column, the left-pointing arrow provides a direct link to the appropriate "What links here" page.

Disambiguation link fixes[edit]

Common names can often have more than one meaning, even within the rail transport industry (such as "Southern Railway"). These pages are all disambiguation pages or pages about subjects other than the rail transport related subject of the same name. For these links, the articles that link to them need to be updated to link to the correct destination page.

Disambig page Links fixed Notes
4-4-2 () August 28, 2011 Locomotives are at 4-4-2 (locomotive) and 4-4-2T. Association football's (soccer's) 4-4-2 is at 4-4-2 formation
ACF () November 20, 2007
ACL () November 20, 2007
Aerotrain () November 20, 2007
Amtrack () October 30 2007 Amtrack is a military vehicle, Amtrak is the railroad
Ann Arbor () Redirects to Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a disambig note at the top of the article pointing to Ann Arbor Railroad. There are a lot of pages that refer to the city.
ATSF () September 24 2009
B&O () November 20, 2007
Ballast ()
Burlington () November 20, 2007 The disambig will more often be to one of the many cities than to Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
Cable car () 2007-03-03 Built Cable car (disambiguation) (redirect to Cable Car} and linked to there for clear disambiguation or could not find references in english to confirm type.
Capitol Limited () August 26 2006
Central Railway () April 11 2007
Chesapeake and Ohio () October 30 2007
Chessie () August 26 2006
Chief () Check the context for Chief (passenger train) versus Super Chief or any other of Santa Fe's Chief services
Climax () October 28 2005 Checked rail transport related links, many still refer to other meanings
Container () checked rail transport related links on February 16 2006; many other links still refer to other meanings
Coupler () rail transport meaning is at Coupling (railway)
Derail () September 21 2006
DMU ()
Drumhead () September 25 2006 Used to be a multiple definition page, then non-musical meanings were moved to separate pages. The rail meaning is at drumhead (sign).
EMU ()
Erie () September 25 2006
Firebox () November 14 2006 The original article was split into disambiguated articles.
Frisco () 2007-01-09
George Hughes () September 25 2006
Great Northern Railway () 2007-10-30 Also look for links to Great Northern and GNR
Heisler () August 22 2006
ICE () August 22 2006 Used to be a redirect to InterCityExpress, now a standard disambig page
Intermodal () June 6 2006 currently redirects to Intermodal transport (), a disambig page
International ()
Junction ()
Lehigh Valley () August 26 2006 fixed railroad links; many others still (rightfully) link
Mallet () June 6 2006 See also: Mallet (disambiguation)
Mark Hopkins () Original page about the member of The Big Four in California is now at Mark Hopkins (railroad)
Monon () June 6 2006
Monongahela () June 17 2006
North Eastern Railway () 2007-01-09
North Shore Line () June 6 2006
Northern Railway () June 6 2006
NS () 2008-04-03
Pennsylvania Station () 2007-01-09
Pennsylvanian ()
Platform () 2007-01-09 checked obvious railway station article titles only
Porter () August 26 2005
PRR () March 15 2006
Pullman () December 23 2005
Rapido () Used to point to the content that is now at Rapido (passenger train)
Right-of-way () June 17 2006
Robber baron () March 6 2006
Rock Island () July 21 2006
Rocket () Watch for Stephenson's Rocket and passenger trains of the Rock Island Railroad
Santa Fe () August 21 2005 Fixed railroad related pages. There are many that refer to a city, but it's not very clear which city.
Shore Line Railway () 2008-04-03
Siding () July 5 2006
Single track () August 23 2006 Former location of single track (rail), now a disambig page.
SNCC () November 5 2007
Southern Belle () 2008-04-03 Note the capitalization here. Southern belle is the person, Southern Belle is the passenger train.
Southern Railway () 2008-04-22 Also check for links to Southern that should point to Southern (train operating company)
SP () 2008-04-03
SSW () September 8 2006
Subway () Some links may be better directed to specific rapid transit system articles
Superliner () January 25 2007
Tennessee Pass () December 23 2005
Trainspotting () February 16 2006 Train spotting (note the space between the words) redirects to Railfan.
Transportation minister () 2008-04-30
Truck () Bogie is the page describing the assembly of railway wheels and axles
TTX () March 15 2006
Turntable () September 14 2009 Was listed on Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links, December 2005. Disambigged rail transport articles on December 28 2005, many more remain for the other meanings.
Union Station () March 29 2006 Be careful, many links will refer to the concept, though those should be lowercase. Several remaining links are for cities whose Union Station does not have an article or listing on List of Union Stations.
UP () April 15 2006
Virginian () March 15 2006
Wabash () March 15 2006
Western Maryland () August 24 2005
Western Pacific () November 1 2007 Used to be a redirect to Western Pacific Railroad, now a disambig
Yard () Yard is the measurement, Classification yard is the infrastructure.
Zephyr () August 23 2005 See Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad for a list of Burlington Zephyrs

Redirect link fixes[edit]

These are redirects for common misspellings. There are way too many redirects of standard and alternate (but still correct) spellings and word substitutions, so only those that are actual misspellings will be listed here. The idea is that if something links to a misspelling, then it's probably misspelled in the article text.

Redirect page(s) Correct spelling Links fixed Notes
4-2-4 () 4-2-4 (locomotive) 2007-11-20 4-2-4 used to be a disambig, now it's a redirect
Burlington Northern Santa Fe ()
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway ()
BNSF Railway January 31 2006
Chicago and Northwestern Railway () Chicago and North Western Railway October 26 2007
EMD ()
General Motors Electro-Motive Division ()
Electro-Motive Diesel Most EMD DAB links have been corrected to direct link
Long Island Railroad ()
Long Island Rail Road Finished on May 1, 2016
Southern Pacific () Southern Pacific Railroad Was a disambig page for a few months