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Potential Featured/Good Topics[edit]

1 or 2 articles left[edit]

Main page Articles
C-Class article Group 5 element Good article Vanadium · Featured article Niobium · Good article Tantalum · Good articleDubnium
Main page Articles
C-Class articleFirst-row transition metal Good articleScandium · Featured articleTitanium · Good articleVanadium ·Good articleChromium ·Good articleManganese ·Good articleIron ·Good articleCobalt ·Good articleNickel ·Good articleCopper· Featured articleZinc
Main page Articles
C-Class articleSecond-row transition metal Featured articleYttrium · Good articleZirconium · Featured articleNiobium · Good articleMolybdenum·Featured articleTechnetium ·Good articleRuthenium ·Good articleRhodium ·Good articlePalladium ·Good articleSilver ·Good articleCadmium
Main page Articles
C-Class article Quasi-synthetic elements Featured articleTechnetium ·Good articlePromethium ·Good articleAstatine ·Featured articleFrancium ·Good articleNeptunium ·Featured articlePlutonium ·Good articleAmericium ·Good articleCurium ·Good articleBerkelium ·Featured articleCalifornium
Main page Articles
Start-Class article s-block elements Featured articleHydrogen·Featured articleHelium ·A-Class articleAlkali metals ·C-Class articleAlkaline-earth metals
group 6 elements
1 left (main)
group 7 elements
1 left (main)
group 9 elements
1 left (main)
group 10 elements
1 left (main)
Main page Articles
B-Class article Refractory metals Featured articleTitanium · Good articleVanadium ·Good articleChromium·Good articleZirconium · Featured articleNiobium · Good articleMolybdenum·Good article Ruthenium·Good articleRhodium·Good article Hafnium·Good articleTantalum· Good articleTungsten· Good articleRhenium·Good article Osmium·Featured articleIridium
1 left
Main page Articles
B-Class article Platinum group Good articleRuthenium ·Good articleRhodium · Good articlePalladium·Good articleOsmium ·Featured articleIridium · Good articlePlatinum
group 8 elements
1 left (main)

3-5 articles left[edit]

Main page Articles
C-Class articleThird-row transition metal B-Class articleLanthanide · Good articleHafnium ·Featured articleTantalum· Good articleTungsten· Good articleRhenium ·Good articleOsmium ·Featured articleIridium·Good articlePlatinum ·C-Class articleGold ·Good articleMercury
Main page Articles
Start-Class article f-block elements B-Class articleLanthanides·Good articleActinides Inner transition metals
group 11 elements
2 left (main, Au)
2 left (main, S)
Carbon group
3 left (main, Si, Sn)
1 left (main)
Boron group
2 left (main, Al)
Alkaline earth metals
4 left (main, Mg, Ca, Ra)
3 left (main, P, As)


period 4 elements
3 left (main, Ca, As)
period 5 elements
2 left (main, Sn)
p-block elements
6 left (main, group 13, group 14, pnictogens, chalcogens, halogens)
Period 3
6 left (main, Mg, Al, Si, P, S)
7 left (main, Nd, Gd, Tb, Ho, Er, Tm)
Period 6
either 3 (main, Au, Ln)
or 8 (main, Au, Nd, Gd, Tb, Ho, Er, Tm)
8+ left
Main page Articles
C-Class articleTransition metal Good articleGroup 3 element ·Good articleGroup 4 element ·Start-Class articleGroup 5 element·Start-Class articleGroup 6 element·Start-Class articleGroup 7 element ·Start-Class articleGroup 8 element ·Start-Class articleGroup 9 element·Start-Class articleGroup 10 element ·Start-Class articleGroup 11 element· Good articleGroup 12 element ·Start-Class articleFirst row ·Start-Class articlesecond row ·Start-Class article3rd row ·Start-Class articleD-block
Group 3 has 4 possible versions
Main page Articles
Good article Group 3 element Good articleScandium ·Featured articleYttrium ·C-Class articleLanthanum·Good articleActinium
Main page Articles
Good article Group 3 element Good articleScandium ·Featured articleYttrium ·Good article Lutetium·Start-Class articleLawrencium
Main page Articles
Good article Group 3 element Good articleScandium ·Featured articleYttrium ·B-Class articleLanthanide·Good articleActinide
Main page Articles
Good article Group 3 element Good articleScandium ·Featured articleYttrium

In work[edit]

16 articles
Good article Actinide elements
Good article Actinium
Good article Thorium
Good article Protactinium
Featured article Uranium
A-Class article Neptunium
Featured article Plutonium
A-Class article Americium
A-Class article Curium
A-Class article Berkelium
Featured article Californium
A-Class article Einsteinium
Good article Fermium
Good article Mendelevium
Good article Nobelium
Good article Lawrencium
8 articles
A-Class article Alkali metals
Na (Sodium).jpg
Good article Lithium
C-Class article Sodium
Good article Potassium
Good article Rubidium
Featured article Caesium
Featured article Francium
Start-Class article Ununennium

9 articles
C-Class article Period 2 elements
Lithium paraffin.jpg
Good article Lithium
Good article Beryllium
Good article Boron
Good article Carbon
Good article Nitrogen
Featured article Oxygen
Featured article Fluorine
Good article Neon
5 articles
Good article Group 3 elements
Scandium sublimed dendritic and 1cm3 cube.jpg
Good article Scandium
Featured article Yttrium
B-Class article Lanthanides
Good article Actinides
55 articles
C-Class article Transition metals
Wolfram evaporated crystals and 1cm3 cube.jpg
Good article Scandium
Featured article Titanium
Good article Vanadium
Good article Chromium
Good article Manganese
Good article Iron
Good article Cobalt
Good article Nickel
Good article Copper
Featured article Zinc
Featured article Yttrium
Good article Zirconium
Featured article Niobium
Good article Molybdenum
Featured article Technetium
Good article Ruthenium
Good article Rhodium
Good article Palladium
Good article Silver
Good article Cadmium
B-Class article Lanthanide
Good article Hafnium
Good article Tantalum
Good article Tungsten
Good article Rhenium
Good article Osmium
Featured article Iridium
Good article Platinum
C-Class article Gold
Good article Mercury
Good article Actinide
Good article Rutherfordium
Good article Dubnium
Good article Seaborgium
Good article Bohrium
Good article Hassium
Good article Meitnerium
Good article Darmstadtium
Good article Roentgenium
Good article Copernicium
Good article Group 3 element
Good article Group 4 element
Start-Class article Group 5 element
Start-Class article Group 6 element
Start-Class article Group 7 element
Start-Class article Group 8 element
Start-Class article Group 9 element
Start-Class article Group 10 element
Start-Class article Group 11 element
Good article Group 12 element
Good article Lanthanum
Good article Actinium
Good article Lutetium
Good article Lawrencium
12 articles
A-Class article Metalloids
Boron mNACTEC.jpg
Good article Boron
B-Class article Silicon
Featured article Germanium
Bplus-Class article Arsenic
Good article Antimony
Good article Tellurium
A-Class article Astatine
Good article Carbon
B-Class article Aluminium
Good article Selenium
Good article Polonium

Books progress table[edit]

To create books, simply click on the "Create a book" link, which can be found in the "print/export" toolbox on the left of your screen. See Help:Books if you need help, or just drop be a line if you are still confused/unsure of yourself. Headbomb {ταλκκοντριβς – WP Physics} 03:17, 28 February 2010 (UTC)

Number Element Book Reviewed?[1] Expanded?[2] Well-linked?[3]
1 Hydrogen Book:Hydrogen Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
2 Helium Book:Helium Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
3 Lithium Book:Lithium Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
4 Beryllium Book:Beryllium Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
5 Boron Book:Boron No No No (main, cat)
6 Carbon Book:Carbon No No No (main, cat)
7 Nitrogen Book:Nitrogen No No No (main, cat)
8 Oxygen Book:Oxygen No No No (main, cat)
9 Fluorine Book:Fluorine No No No (main, cat)
10 Neon Book:Neon No No No (main, cat)
11 Sodium Book:Sodium No No No (main, cat)
12 Magnesium Book:Magnesium No No No (main, cat)
13 Aluminium Book:Aluminium Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
14 Silicon Book:Silicon No No No (main, cat)
15 Phosphorus Book:Phosphorus No No No (main, cat)
16 Sulfur Book:Sulfur No No No (main, cat)
17 Chlorine Book:Chlorine No No No (main, cat)
18 Argon Book:Argon Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
19 Potassium Book:Potassium No No No (main, cat)
20 Calcium Book:Calcium No No No (main, cat)
21 Scandium Book:Scandium No No No (main, cat)
22 Titanium Book:Titanium No No No (main, cat)
23 Vanadium Book:Vanadium No No No (main, cat)
24 Chromium Book:Chromium No No No (main, cat)
25 Manganese Book:Manganese No No No (main, cat)
26 Iron Book:Iron No No No (main, cat)
27 Cobalt Book:Cobalt No No No (main, cat)
28 Nickel Book:Nickel No No No (main, cat)
29 Copper Book:Copper No No No (main, cat)
30 Zinc Book:Zinc No No No (main, cat)
31 Gallium Book:Gallium No No No (main, cat)
32 Germanium Book:Germanium No No No (main, cat)
33 Arsenic Book:Arsenic No No Yes (main, cat)
34 Selenium Book:Selenium No No No (main, cat)
35 Bromine Book:Bromine No No No (main, cat)
36 Krypton Book:Krypton No No No (main, cat)
37 Rubidium Book:Rubidium No No No (main, cat)
38 Strontium Book:Strontium No No No (main, cat)
39 Yttrium Book:Yttrium No No No (main, cat)
40 Zirconium Book:Zirconium No No No (main, cat)
41 Niobium Book:Niobium No No No (main, cat)
42 Molybdenum Book:Molybdenum No No No (main, cat)
43 Technetium Book:Technetium No No No (main, cat)
44 Ruthenium Book:Ruthenium No No No (main, cat)
45 Rhodium Book:Rhodium No No No (main, cat)
46 Palladium Book:Palladium No No No (main, cat)
47 Silver Book:Silver No No No (main, cat)
48 Cadmium Book:Cadmium No No No (main, cat)
49 Indium Book:Indium No No No (main, cat)
50 Tin Book:Tin No No No (main, cat)
51 Antimony Book:Antimony Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
52 Tellurium Book:Tellurium No No No (main, cat)
53 Iodine Book:Iodine No No No (main, cat)
54 Xenon Book:Xenon No No No (main, cat)
55 Caesium Book:Caesium No No No (main, cat)
56 Barium Book:Barium No No Yes (main, cat)
57 Lanthanum Book:Lanthanum No No No (main, cat)
58 Cerium Book:Cerium No No No (main, cat)
59 Praseodymium Book:Praseodymium No No No (main, cat)
60 Neodymium Book:Neodymium No No No (main, cat)
61 Promethium Book:Promethium No No No (main, cat)
62 Samarium Book:Samarium No No No (main, cat)
63 Europium Book:Europium No No No (main, cat)
64 Gadolinium Book:Gadolinium No No No (main, cat)
65 Terbium Book:Terbium No No No (main, cat)
66 Dysprosium Book:Dysprosium No No No (main, cat)
67 Holmium Book:Holmium No No No (main, cat)
68 Erbium Book:Erbium No No No (main, cat)
69 Thulium Book:Thulium No No No (main, cat)
70 Ytterbium Book:Ytterbium No No No (main, cat)
71 Lutetium Book:Lutetium No No No (main, cat)
72 Hafnium Book:Hafnium No No No (main, cat)
73 Tantalum Book:Tantalum No No No (main, cat)
74 Tungsten Book:Tungsten No No No (main, cat)
75 Rhenium Book:Rhenium No No No (main, cat)
76 Osmium Book:Osmium No No No (main, cat)
77 Iridium Book:Iridium No No No (main, cat)
78 Platinum Book:Platinum No No No (main, cat)
79 Gold Book:Gold No No No (main, cat)
80 Mercury Book:Mercury No No No (main, cat)
81 Thallium Book:Thallium No No No (main, cat)
82 Lead Book:Lead No No No (main, cat)
83 Bismuth Book:Bismuth No No Yes (main, cat)
84 Polonium Book:Polonium No No No (main, cat)
85 Astatine Book:Astatine No No Yes (main, cat)
86 Radon Book:Radon No No No (main, cat)
87 Francium Book:Francium No No No (main, cat)
88 Radium Book:Radium No No No (main, cat)
89 Actinium Book:Actinium Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
90 Thorium Book:Thorium No No No (main, cat)
91 Protactinium Book:Protactinium No No No (main, cat)
92 Uranium Book:Uranium No No No (main, cat)
93 Neptunium Book:Neptunium No No No (main, cat)
94 Plutonium Book:Plutonium No No No (main, cat)
95 Americium Book:Americium Yes Yes Yes (main, cat)
96 Curium Book:Curium No No No (main, cat)
97 Berkelium Book:Berkelium No No Yes (main, cat)
98 Californium Book:Californium No No No (main, cat)
99 Einsteinium Book:Einsteinium No No No (main, cat)
100 Fermium Book:Fermium No No No (main, cat)
101 Mendelevium Book:Mendelevium No No No (main, cat)
102 Nobelium Book:Nobelium No No No (main, cat)
103 Lawrencium Book:Lawrencium No No No (main, cat)
104 Rutherfordium Book:Rutherfordium No No No (main, cat)
105 Dubnium Book:Dubnium No No No (main, cat)
106 Seaborgium Book:Seaborgium No No No (main, cat)
107 Bohrium Book:Bohrium No No Yes (main, cat)
108 Hassium Book:Hassium No No No (main, cat)
109 Meitnerium Book:Meitnerium No No No (main, cat)
110 Darmstadtium Book:Darmstadtium No No No (main, cat)
111 Roentgenium Book:Roentgenium No No No (main, cat)
112 Copernicium Book:Copernicium No No No (main, cat)
113 Nihonium Book:Nihonium No No No (main, cat)
114 Flerovium Book:Flerovium No No No (main, cat)
115 Moscovium Book:Moscovium No No No (main, cat)
116 Livermorium Book:Livermorium No No No (main, cat)
117 Tennessine Book:Tennessine No No No (main, cat)
118 Oganesson Book:Oganesson No No No (main, cat)
Period Article Book Reviewed Expanded Well-linked
1 Period 1 element Book:Period 1 elements No No No (main, cat)
2 Period 2 element Book:Period 2 elements No No No (main, cat)
3 Period 3 element Book:Period 3 elements No No No (main, cat)
4 Period 4 element Book:Period 4 elements No No No (main, cat)
5 Period 5 element Book:Period 5 elements No No No (main, cat)
6 Period 6 element Book:Period 6 elements No No No (main, cat)
7 Period 7 element Book:Period 7 elements No No No (main, cat)
8 Period 8 element Book:Period 8 elements No No No (main, cat)
Group Article Book Reviewed Expanded Well-linked
1 Group 1 element Book:Group 1 elements No No No (main, cat)
2 Group 2 element Book:Group 2 elements No No No (main, cat)
3 Group 3 element Book:Group 3 elements No No No (main, cat)
4 Group 4 element Book:Group 4 elements No No No (main, cat)
5 Group 5 element Book:Group 5 elements No No No (main, cat)
6 Group 6 element Book:Group 6 elements No No No (main, cat)
7 Group 7 element Book:Group 7 elements No No No (main, cat)
8 Group 8 element Book:Group 8 elements No No No (main, cat)
9 Group 9 element Book:Group 9 elements No No No (main, cat)
10 Group 10 element Book:Group 10 elements No No No (main, cat)
11 Group 11 element Book:Group 11 elements No No No (main, cat)
12 Group 12 element Book:Group 12 elements No No No (main, cat)
13 Group 13 element Book:Group 13 elements No No No (main, cat)
14 Group 14 element Book:Group 14 elements No No No (main, cat)
15 Group 15 element Book:Group 15 elements No No No (main, cat)
16 Group 16 element Book:Group 16 elements No No No (main, cat)
17 Group 17 element Book:Group 17 elements No No No (main, cat)
18 Group 18 element Book:Group 18 elements No No No (main, cat)
  1. ^ AKA made sure nothing's wrong with the book, and that it has a picture
  2. ^ AKA checked for additional articles (discoverers, important chemical processes, ...)
  3. ^ {{Wikipedia-Books|Element}} should at the least be present in element's article, isotopes of element's article, and in the element's category.
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Possible topic - period 7[edit]

Period 7

This would be much easier than promoting 32 elements. (OK, there are only eight left.) Double sharp (talk) 14:29, 22 August 2014 (UTC)

Five! Double sharp (talk) 15:29, 14 September 2014 (UTC)
Four! (Ra, Db, Sg, Bh.) Double sharp (talk) 08:37, 23 June 2016 (UTC)

Note regarding spellings[edit]

All the element articles use US English with IUPAC exceptions (aluminium, caesium), except for UK-English phosphorus and flerovium. Double sharp (talk) 08:37, 23 June 2016 (UTC)