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County-level city
Country China
Province Hebei
Prefecture-level city Handan
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Wu'an (Chinese: 武安; pinyin: Wǔ'ān) is a County-level city in the prefecture level city of Handan, Hebei province, China.



In August 1949, WuAn was one of three counties to be detached from Handan and attached to the new Pingyuan Province. In 1952, as Pingyuan dissolved, WuAn returned to Handan.

Administrative Divisions[1][edit]

As of 2005, WuAn had a population of approximately 66,000.

Towns (镇, zhen)[edit]

Wu'an Town (武安镇), Kang'ercheng (康二城镇), Niuji (午汲镇), Cishan (磁山镇), Baiyan (伯延镇), Shucun (淑村镇), Datong, Wu'an (大同镇), Yicheng (邑城镇), Kuangshan (矿山镇), Hejin (贺进镇), Yangyi (阳邑镇), Paihui (徘徊镇), Yetao (冶陶镇)

Townships (乡, xiang)[edit]

Shangtuancheng Township (上团城乡), Bei'anzhuang Township (北安庄乡), Bei'anle Township (北安乐乡), Xitushan Township (西土山乡), Xisizhuang Township (西寺庄乡), Huoshui Township (活水乡), Shidong Township (石洞乡), Guantao Township (管陶乡), Majiazhuang Township (马家庄乡)


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Coordinates: 36°42′N 114°12′E / 36.700°N 114.200°E / 36.700; 114.200