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The Zenith cultural centre in Munich.
Entrance to the Zenith cultural centre.

The Zenith is a culture and exhibition centre, converted from an old railway reparation hall, located in Freimann, Munich, Germany.

The centre hosts concerts, fairs, company presentations and parties. The centre can hold up to six thousand people and has a floor area of 5046 . The main stage is 24×16 metres in area.[1] Its capacity is approximately 7,000 people


The building is of a unique architectural style, and formerly served as a railway construction and reparation hall. It was originally built from 1916 to 1918. The building is protected.

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Coordinates: 48°11′41″N 11°36′30″E / 48.19472°N 11.60833°E / 48.19472; 11.60833