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Argentine Football Association
Association crest
Founded 21 February 1893; 121 years ago (1893-02-21) [1]
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
FIFA affiliation 1912; 102 years ago (1912)
CONMEBOL affiliation 1916; 98 years ago (1916)
President Luis Segura (provisional)[2][3]

The Argentine Football Association (Spanish: Asociación del Fútbol Argentino, locally: [asosjaˈsjon del ˈfutβol arxenˈtino]) is the governing body of football in Argentina. It organises the Primera División and lower divisions (from Primera B Nacional to Torneo Argentino C), the Argentine Cup, Supercopa Argentina and the Argentina national football team.

The association is based in the city of Buenos Aires. Secondly, it also organizes the amateur leagues for women, children, youth, Futsal, and other local leagues, as well as the national women's team.


The Argentine Association Football League (in English) was founded on 21 February 1893 by Alexander Watson Hutton, considered "the father" of Argentine football. The Argentine Association is the oldest in South America and one of the oldest to be formed outside Europe. In 1906 Florencio Martínez de Hoz became the first Argentine-born President of the Association.[4]

In 1912 the president of Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires, Ricardo Aldao, broke up with the association establishing an own league, the Federación Argentina de Football which organized a parallel tournament. Some teams moved to the FAF were Gimnasia y Esgrima, Independiente, Estudiantes de La Plata and Atlanta. The league lasted until 1914 when rejoining Asociación Argentina de Football forming a unique league for the 1915 season.

The second dissident league was formed in 1919 and named Asociacion Amateurs de Football, organizing its own championships (as FAF had done) until 1926 when it merged to official association. The dissident league included some of the most prominent teams such as River Plate, Racing, Independiente and San Lorenzo, with the exception of Boca Juniors that remained in the official "Asociación Argentina de Football".

When both leagues merged for the 1927 season, the association was again renamed to "Asociación Amateur Argentina de Football" until the professionalization of the sport in 1931 when it switched to "Liga Argentina de Football". The first round of the recently created professional championship was on 31 May 1931.[1][5]

Despite football turning professional in Argentina, some clubs wanted to remain amateur so they formed a new league, the "Asociación de Football Amateur y Profesionales", which organized a parallel tournament until 1934 when the dissident association merged with LAF on 3 November 1934 to form the "Asociación del Football Argentino" which has remained since.[1][6]


  • Argentine Association Football League (1893-1902)
  • Argentine Football Association (1903–11)
  • Asociación Amateur Argentina de Football (1927–30)
  • Liga Argentina de Football (1931–34)
  • Asociación del Football Argentino 5 (1934–present)



  • 1 Interventor.
  • 2 Director.
  • 3 Expelled by the Argentine military dictatorship.
  • 4 When football became professional in Argentina, the teams that wanted to remain amateur formed this league that organized its own tournaments from 1931 to 1934, when it merged with the professional body, being all of its teams relegated to second division.[7]
  • 5 Then translated into Spanish as "Asociación del Fútbol Argentino" in 1946.


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