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Bharat Dynamics Limited
Public Sector Undertaking
Industry Defense
Founded 1970
Founder Ministry of Defence, India
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Area served
Key people
S N Mantha (CMD)
Revenue INR23.046251 billion (US$360 million) (2014)[1]
INR5.085882 billion (US$80 million) (2014)[2]
INR3.455141 billion (US$54 million) (2014)[3]
Total assets INR83.292720 billion (US$1.3 billion) (2014)[4]
Total equity INR12.179659 billion (US$190 million) (2014)[5]
Number of employees
3266 (March 2014)[6]

Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) भारत डायनामिक्स लिमिटेड (Devanagari) is one of India's manufacturer of ammunitions and missile systems. It was founded in 1970 in Hyderabad, Telangana.[7] BDL was established in the year 1970 to be a manufacturing base for guided weapon systems.Its coming into being reflected India's pursuit of self-reliance in the technological domain. Begun with a pool of engineers drawn from DRDO and aerospace industries, BDL began by producing a 1st Generation Anti Tank Guided Missile-the French SS11B1. This product was a culmination of a Licence Agreement the Government of India entered into with Aerospatiale,France. BDL has three manufacturing units, located at Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad, Telangana, Bhanur, Medak district, Telangana and Visakhapatnam, A.P.Two New Units are planned at Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy district,Telangana and Amravati, Maharashtra.


India began to develop indigenous missiles through the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP), which gave BDL an opportunity –to be closely involved with the programme wherein it was identified as the Prime Production Agency.This opened up a plethora of opportunities to assimilate advanced manufacturing and programme management technologies and skills. Responding to the Concurrent Engineering Approaches adopted by DRDO in IGMDP, BDL was seen as a reliable and trust worthy ally, and resulted in the induction of India’s first state-of- the-art Surface-to-Surface Missile “PRITHVI.” BDL has delivered Prithvi to the three services as per requirements. BDL has forayed into the field of under water weapon systems and air-to-air missiles and associated equipment with technology support from DRDO and other global leaders in this domain. Thus, BDL caters to similar requirements of the Indian Armed Forces. The manufacturing and testing facilities established at BDL are being modernised, tuned to cater to the stringent Qualitative Requirements of guided weapon systems. Special process facilities such as Flow Forming and Electron Beam Welding have been set up to ensure reliable products. Environmental test facilities such as motion simulators, walk-in test chambers, are utilized to test the products. These simulate the rigorous environmental conditions as encountered by the weapon system in operational conditions.


BDL has been consistently incurring profits and has been nominated as a Mini Ratna – Category-I Company by the Government of India. Showing steady progress in its operations over the years, BDL achieved a record sales turnover of Rs. 1075 Cr in 2012-13. BDL has been flooded with orders worth over Rs. 18,000 cr.,in view of its professional competence in manufacturing products and providing services, which are comparable with international Quality system standards, and India's push to modernize its armed forces. Keeping pace with the modernization of the Indian Armed Forces, BDL is poised to enter new avenues of manufacturing covering a wide range of weapon systems such as: Surface to Air Missiles, Air Defence Systems, Heavy Weight Torpedoes, Air to Air Missiles, making it a world class defence equipment manufacturer. BDL has also entered into the arena of Refurbishment of legacy missiles.

Products and services[edit]

Indigenous Missiles[edit]

BDL is the nodal agency for the production of Missiles developed by India.The first such missile that entered production of dynamics with BDL was the Prithvi missile.[8]

BDL manufactures a range of missiles for the Indian Armed Forces some prominent products are listed below:

In 1998, BDL produced Agni IRBM were inducted into the Indian Armed Forces. BDL also manufactures other missiles and systems for the Indian Armed Forces

Akash (Sanskrit: आकाश Ākāś "Sky") is a medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile defense system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ordnance Factories Board and Bharat Electronics (BEL) in India.[9][10][11] The missile system can target aircraft up to 30 km away, at altitudes up to 18,000 m.[12] A nuclear warhead could potentially give the missile the capability to destroy both aircraft and warheads from ballistic missiles.[13][14] It is in operational service with the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force.

Can be launched from a Ship or a Helicopter. Available as both war shot / exercise modes. Homing can be passive / active / mixed modes Multiple search pattern capability.

  • Counter Measures Dispensing Systems

Counter Measures Dispensing System (CMDS) is state of the art chaff and flare dispensing system. CMDS is an airborne defensive system providing self-protection to the aircraft by passive ECM against radar guided & IR seeking, air & ground launched missiles. Protection to the aircraft is achieved by misguiding the missiles by dispensing of chaff and/or flare payloads.

  • Milan 2T

This is a second generation, semi-automatic, tube launched, optically tracked missiles with tandem warhead. Salient Features: High reliability and accuracy. Man portable.

  • Konkurs - M

This is a second generation, semiautomatic, antitank, tube launched, optically tracked, wire guided and aero-dynamically controlled missile.It is designed to destroy moving and stationary armored targets with Explosives Reactive Armours at a range of 75 to 4000 meters. Salient Features: Can be launched either from BMP-II or from ground launcher.Tandem Warhead Simple in operation and immune to Electronic Counter measures High hit and kill probability Portable and Para droppable.Hermetically sealed ensuring long storage life.

  • Invar

Invar is weapon fired from the Gun barrel of T 90 Tank.The missile has a semi-automatic control system, tele orienting in the laser beam. This is high velocity jamming immune missile with tandem warhead designed to defeat explosive reactive armor.Intended to destroy stationary and moving targets with speeds up to 70 km/hr.

Awards and Recognition[edit]

  • DRDO Technology Transfer and Assimilation Award -1996
  • Raksha Mantri Award for Import Substitution and Innovation-2002-03
  • Raksha Mantri’s Award for Design Efforts for CMDS-2004-05
  • Raksha Mantri’s Award for Import Substitution (IRII)-2005-06
  • Sodet Award for CMDS -2005-06
  • FAPCCI Award for Excellence in Research and Development -2005-06
  • Golden Peacock Award for Electronics Division - 2007
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Corporate Governance-2010-11
  • TOLIC Rajbhasha Shield for Official Language Implementation-2010-11
  • Raksha Mantri Award for Excellence in Group/Individual Award Category-2010-11
  • Achievers and Leaders Award (Finance)-2011-12
  • Innovative HR Practices Award -2011-12
  • HR Leadership Award-2011-1