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Black Metropolis-Bronzeville District or simply Bronzeville is a historic district in the Douglas community area of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, United States. It includes nine structures that were accorded the Chicago Landmark designation on September 9, 1998.[1] These buildings are Overton Hygienic Building, Chicago Bee Building, Wabash Avenue YMCA, Chicago Defender Building, Unity Hall, Eighth Regiment Armory, Sunset Cafe, Victory Monument, and Supreme Life Building. Six of these were each individually added to the National Register of Historic Places as a multiple property submission on April 30, 1986. They are not a U.S. Registered historic district however. These six are the Overton Hygienic Building, Chicago Bee Building, Wabash Avenue YMCA, Unity Hall, Eighth Regiment Armory, and Victory Monument. In addition, South Side Community Art Center, which has been accorded Chicago Landmark status, is in this district. The neighborhood encompasses the land between the Dan Ryan Expressway to the west, Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive to the East, 31st Street to the north and Pershing Road (39th street) to the south.

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