47th (London) Infantry Division

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For the equivalent formation in World War I, see 47th (1/2nd London) Division.
2nd London Division[1]
47th (London) Infantry Division[1]
47 inf div.jpg
Formation sign of the 47th (London) Infantry Division
Active Second World War
Country United Kingdom
Branch Territorial Army
Type Infantry

The 2nd London Division was a 2nd Line Territorial Army division, duplicate of the 1st London Division, during the Second World War. On 21 November 1940, the division was renamed as the 47th (London) Infantry Division.[1]

The formation sign depicted two bells tied with a bow (Bow Bells of London).[2]


The division was formed as a 2nd line duplicate of the 1st (London) Infantry Division. In September 1939 it was organized as a Motor Division, however was reorganized as an Infantry Division in June 1940. On 21 November 1940 it was redesignated as the 47th (London) Infantry Division. On 1 September 1944 it became a reserve division, in which capacity it remained through the rest of the war. It remained in the United Kingdom during the Second World War.


  • Maj.Gen. Harry Willans (1940)
  • Brig. William Havelock Ramsden (1940)
  • Maj.Gen. Clifford Cecil Malden (1940-1941)
  • Brig. Pat Bradshaw (1941)
  • Maj.Gen. John Edward Utterson-Kelso (1941-1942)
  • Maj.Gen. Gerald Templer (1942)
  • Maj.Gen. Alfred Eryk Robinson (1942-1944)

Component Units[edit]

(as of formation on 10 September 1939)

4th London Infantry Brigade[edit]

See main article 140th (4th London) Brigade

5th London Infantry Brigade[edit]

See main article 141st (5th London) Brigade

6th London Infantry Brigade[edit]

See main article 142nd (6th London) Brigade
  • 1st Battalion The Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment (The Middlesex Regiment)
  • 2nd Battalion The Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment

Support Units[edit]

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