Gartell Light Railway

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Gartell Light Railway
Gartell Light Railway-by-TIM-CHAPMAN.jpg
Locale England
Dates of operation 1990–Present
Track gauge 2 ft (610 mm)
Length 34 mile (1.2 km)
Headquarters Templecombe
Gartell Light Railway
Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway(To Bath)
Extension under construction
Tower View
Common Lane
Pinesway Junction
Park Lane
Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway(To Bournemouth)

The Gartell Light Railway is a privately run narrow gauge edutainment railway located at Yenston, south of Templecombe, in Somerset, England. It operates a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge railway running for 34 mile (1.2 km), partly along the track of the old Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway.The railway has 4 stations - Common Lane, Pinesway Junction, Park Lane and Tower View. The railway is controlled using a comprehensive signalling system operated from two signalboxes - Common lane and Pinesway Junction. Both signalboxes control a mix of semaphore and colour light signals with mechanically operated points. The railway is open to the public on selected dates through the year when it normally operates an intensive 3 train operation with departures from Common Lane station every 20 minutes through the day between 1030 and 1630.


Number Name Builder Type Date Works number Notes
1 AMANDA Gartell Light Railway Bo-BoDH 2000 Ex Southend Pier Railway, rebuilt on the railway
2 ANDREW Baguley-Drewry 4wDH 1973 3699 Acquired in 2007
5 ALISON Alan Keef 4wDH 1993 10[1]
6 Mr. G North Dorset Locomotive Works 0-4-2T 1998 698[1] Newly built for the line, based on the design of W.G. Bagnall locomotive Polar Bear
9 Jean North Dorset Locomotive Works 0-4-0 2008 [2]

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