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Groovy soca is a style of soca music originating from Trinidad & Tobago. It features sensual vocals over mid-tempo soca rhythms.


Created by Robin Imamshah with his composition "Frenchman", Groovy soca is the name of a growing style focusing on melody in soca, partly due to criticism of soca's ubiquitous 'jump and wave'-only lyrical and musical content. It features sensual vocals over mid-tempo soca rhythms, and very often, elements of zouk and ragga soca.

Examples of groovy soca[edit]

  • "Sweet Soca Song (La La La Ti Ti Ti)" - Robin Imamshah
  • "Frenchman (Soki, Soki)" -Robin Imamshah
  • "Coming Over" - Kes
  • "Loving Again" - Shurwayne Winchester
  • "De Vibes Cyan Done" - Machel Montano