Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist

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Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist
Awarded for artists who establish their identity with the public
Country United States
Presented by Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
First awarded 2000
Official website

The Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist is an honor presented annually at the Latin Grammy Awards, a ceremony that recognizes excellence and creates a wider awareness of cultural diversity and contributions of Latin recording artists, nationally and internationally.[1] The award is given to solo artists or groups that first establish an identity to the public as a performer and release a Spanish or Portuguese language recording during the period of eligibility.[2] In 2012, the Academy announced the category (in addition to Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year) would include ten nominees to reflect changes within the music industry.[3]

The award for Best New Artist was first presented to the Cuban performer Ibrahim Ferrer in 2000. Benefiting from the release of the documentary Buena Vista Social Club, which launched him to stardom, Ferrer received the award at age seventy-three after being a performer for sixty years.[4][5] The next three award recipients were Juanes, Jorge Moreno, and David Bisbal. In 2004, Brazilian singer Maria Rita became the first female winner.[6] Spanish singer-songwriter Bebe announced her retirement one year after receiving the 2005 award; however, she returned to the music business five years later with the release of her second album, Y.[7] The bands Calle 13 and Jesse & Joy won the next two awards, followed by singers Kany García, Alexander Acha, Alex Cuba, Sie7e, Mexican DJ's 3Ball MTY, Gaby Moreno and Mariana Vega.

The award has been presented to six male and five female artists; 3Ball MTY, Calle 13 and Jesse & Joy are the only ensembles to earn the award.[8][9] Since its inception, the award has been presented to musicians or groups originating from Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain.


A man wearing a cap on his head, eyeglasses, and a suit, holding on to a microphone stand with both hands. To the left of him is a man also holding on to a microphone stand. In between them are various musical instruments.
Ibrahim Ferrer, the first award recipient in 2000, performing in The Netherlands in 2004
A man in a black shirt, singing into a microphone on a stand and holding a guitar.
2001 award winner Juanes, performing in 2012
A woman in a beaded dress holding a microphone.
Maria Rita became the first female award recipient in 2004
A man on a stage, wearing a black bikini top and skirt. She is standing behind a microphone stand and holding an acoustic guitar.
2005 award winner Bebe, performing in 2005
In the center forefront, a shirtless man in black pants singing into a microphone. On the stage with him is a man playing on keyboards and a woman in purple pants holding a microphone with both hands. In the background are onlookers, men playing instruments and stage lighting and equipment.
Members of the 2006 award-winning group Calle 13, performing in 2009
Year[I] Winner(s) Nationality Nominees[III] Ref.
2000 Ferrer, IbrahimIbrahim Ferrer  Cuba [10]
2001 Juanes  Colombia [11]
2002 Moreno, JorgeJorge Moreno  Cuba
 United States
2003 Bisbal, DavidDavid Bisbal  Spain [13]
2004 Rita, MariaMaria Rita  Brazil [6]
2005 Bebe  Spain [14]
2006 Calle 13  Puerto Rico [8]
2007 Jesse & Joy  Mexico [9]
2008 García, KanyKany García  Puerto Rico [15]
2009 Acha, AlexanderAlexander Acha  Mexico [16]
2010 Cuba, AlexAlex Cuba  Cuba
2011 Sie7e  Puerto Rico [18]
2012 3Ball MTY  Mexico [19]
2013 Moreno, GabyGaby Moreno  Guatemala
  • A Band of Bitches
  • Leslie Cartaya
  • EliaCim
  • Clarice Falcão
  • Jesús Hidalgo
  • Maluma
  • Mojito Lite
  • Quattro
  • Miltón Salcedo
2014 Vega, MarianaMariana Vega  Venezuela
  • Aneeka
  • Linda Briceño
  • Caloncho
  • Julio César
  • Pablo López
  • Miranda
  • Periko & Jessi León
  • Daniela Spalla
  • Juan Pablo Vega

^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Latin Grammy Awards held that year.

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