List of diplomatic missions in Mexico

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Diplomatic missions in Mexico
  Countries with an embassy in Mexico
  Missions in Mexico
Embassy of Spain in Mexico City
Embassy of the United States in Mexico City

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Mexico. There are currently 84 embassies in Mexico City, and many countries maintain consulates and/or consulates-general in many Mexican cities (not including honorary consulates).

Embassies in Mexico City[edit]

Representative Offices[edit]


Consulates in Acayucan[edit]

Consulate in Arriaga[edit]

Consulate in Cancún[edit]

Consulate in Ciudad Hidalgo[edit]

Consulate in Ciudad Juárez[edit]

Consulate in Comitán[edit]

Consulates in Guadalajara[edit]

Consulate in Hermosillo[edit]

Consulate in Matamoros[edit]

Consulates in Mérida[edit]

Consulates in Monterrey[edit]

Consulate in Nogales[edit]

Consulate in Nuevo Laredo[edit]

Consulate in Oaxaca City[edit]

Consulate in San Luis Potosí[edit]

Consulates in Tapachula[edit]

Consulate in Tenosique[edit]

Consulates in Tijuana[edit]

Consulate in Tuxtla Gutiérrez[edit]

Consulates in Veracruz City[edit]

Non-Resident Embassies[edit]

Resident in Washington, DC unless otherwise noted:

Embassies to open[edit]

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