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Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Bourse de Luxembourg
Bourse vu Lëtzebuerg
Börse Luxemburg
Type Stock Exchange
Location Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Coordinates 49°36′46.0″N 06°07′14.5″E / 49.612778°N 6.120694°E / 49.612778; 6.120694
Founded 5 April 1928
Owner Société de la Bourse de Luxembourg S.A.
Key people Frank Wagener (Chairman)
Robert Scharfe (CEO)
No. of listings 49,097 (end 2008)[1]
Market cap €357.3bn (end 2006)[1]
Indexes LuxX Index

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (Luxembourgish: Bourse vu Lëtzebuerg, French: Bourse de Luxembourg, German: Börse Luxemburg) is a stock exchange based in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.

The Exchange is located on boulevard Joseph II.[2] The Chairman of the Board is Frank Wagener[3] and the President of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer is Robert Scharfe.

The Exchange has pre-opening sessions from 07:15am to 09:00am and normal trading sessions from 09:00am to 05:35pm on all days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays declared by the Exchange in advance.[4]


It specialises primarily in the listing of international bonds, in which it is ranked first in Europe, with 32,933 debt securities listed on the Exchange as of 2008.[1] The Luxembourg Stock Exchange was the first exchange to list a Eurobond, with the issue of Italian Autostrade bonds in 1963,[5] and, to this day, Luxembourg has maintained a dominant position in European bond issues, with approximately 60% of all cross-border securities in Europe being listed in Luxembourg.[5] Fifty countries list at least some of their sovereign debt in Luxembourg, whilst Luxembourg is also a market for debt from the EBRD, European Commission, European Investment Bank, and World Bank.[5]


Luxembourg Stock Exchange's main equity index is called the LuxX Index, which is a weighted index of the ten most valuable listed stocks by free floated market capitalisation.[6] The index was fixed at 1,000 on 4 January 1999: the first day of trading after Luxembourg adopted the euro.[6] The ten companies currently included in the listing are:

Company Industry Country Weighting
Aperam ne Metals  LUX 7.40%
Arcelor Mittal Steel  LUX 20.61%
BIP Investment Partners Investment  LUX 2.21%
Foyer Insurance  LUX 0.87%
KBC Group Banking  BEL 9.63%
Luxempart Investment  LUX 3.05%
Reinet Investments Investment  LUX 19.95%
RTL Group Media  LUX 12.10%
SES Telecommunications  LUX 19.91%
Socfinaf Resource extraction  LUX 2.06%
Socfinasia Resource extraction  LUX 2.20%
Source: Luxembourg Stock Exchange, as of January 5, 2013


A law establishing a stock exchange in Luxembourg was passed on 30 December 1927.[7] The company was incorporated as the Société Anonyme de la Bourse de Luxembourg on 5 April 1928,[8] with an initial issue of 7,000 shares, each valued at 1000 francs.[9]

In November 2000, it entered into an agreement with Euronext.


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