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Village and Mandal
Mandasa Vasudeva Temple
Mandasa Vasudeva Temple
Mandasa is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 18°52′00″N 84°28′00″E / 18.8667°N 84.4667°E / 18.8667; 84.4667Coordinates: 18°52′00″N 84°28′00″E / 18.8667°N 84.4667°E / 18.8667; 84.4667
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Srikakulam
Talukas Mandasa
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 532 242
Lok Sabha constituency Srikakulam
Vidhan Sabha constituency Palasa

Mandasa is a village and a Mandal in Srikakulam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[1]

Mandasa mandal is bordered by Sompeta mandal to the north, Palasa mandal to the south, Odisha state to the west and Bay of Bengal to the east. Manjusha was an older name of Mandasa.

Lord Vasudeva


Mandasa is located at 18°52′00″N 84°28′00″E / 18.8667°N 84.4667°E / 18.8667; 84.4667.[2] It has an average elevation of 31 meters (104 feet).


According to Indian census, 2001, the demographic details of Mandasa mandal is as follows:[3]

  • Total Population: 76,402 in 17,814 Households
  • Male Population: 37,368 and Female Population: 39,034
  • Children Under 6-years of age: 10,823 (Boys - 5,456 and Girls - 5,367)
  • Total Literates: 38,425 38,425


  • There are 20,000 inhabitants in this village. Most of them cultivate paddy fields.
  • This town is near the highest peak of Eastern Ghats, Mahendragiri of Odisha state, from which there is a view of the Bay of Bengal. yet previous this Mandasa was ruled by the last king Srinivas Maharaj, Mandasa kingdom, historical Vasudeva(Lord Vishnu)temple located in Mandasa, Mahendragiri is known for its unique, ancient temples. They are the only temples in India for "Pancha Pandavas" (see Mahabharat). The temples are visited by large groups of people each year for the Maha Shivaratri festival.and there is one movie theater that is Mahendhra.

Revenue Villages and Panchayats[edit]

There are 38 panchayats in Mandasa mandal.[4]

  • [Ambugam] (village and panchayat)
  • Bahadapalli (village and panchayat)
  • Bairi Sarangapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Baligam (village and panchayat)
  • Bellupatia (village and panchayat)
  • Bethalapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Bhoghabandha (village and panchayat)
  • Binnala (village and panchayat)
  • Bogapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Budarasingi (village and panchayat)
  • Cheepi (village and panchayat)
  • Dunnavooru (village and panchayat)
  • Hamsarali (village and panchayat)
  • Haripuram (village and panchayat)
  • Honnali (village and panchayat)
  • Jillunda (village and panchayat)
  • Kondalogam (village and panchayat)
  • Konkadaputti (village and panchayat)
  • Kottapalli (village and panchayat)
  • Kuntikota (village and panchayat)
  • Loharibanda (village and panchayat)
  • Makarajola (village and panchayat)
  • Mandasa (village, panchayat and mandal headquarters)
  • Mulipadu (village and panchayat)
  • Narasingipuram (village and panchayat)#rajkumarరవ₭
  • Narayanapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Pidi Mandasa (village and panchayat)
  • Pitatoli (village and panchayat)
  • Pottangi (village and panchayat)
  • Rampuram (village and panchayat)
  • Sabhakota (village and panchayat)
  • Sariyapalli (village and panchayat)
  • Siddigam (village and panchayat)--this village is nearer to Mahendragiri, it looks greenish and beautiful with surrounding hills, (anand bongi)
  • Siripuram (village and panchayat)
  • Sondipudi (village and panchayat)
  • Suvarnapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Thallaguranti (village and panchayat)-- This Village has quite Green fields, around 40 houses with different category SC, ST, OBC & OC.

Many people are educated and settled in different profession. Software Engineers (Kailash Panadva), Teachers, Police, Nurse, RMP, etc.

  • V.G.Puram (village and panchayat)--> Earlier known as Rajjipuram. People settled in High professions in Govt, more engineers and etc.


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