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This article is about the Christian music festival. For the album by Widespread Panic, see Night of Joy. For other uses, see Night of Joy (disambiguation).
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Night of Joy is an annual contemporary Christian music festival that takes place at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It started in 1983 and normally takes place in the first or second week of September. The event was held at the Magic Kingdom until 2008, when it was moved to Disney's Hollywood Studios for two years. At Night of Joy 2009, it was announced during the MercyMe concert that the event will return to the Magic Kingdom due to popular demand.

Night of Joy is one of two current Christian rock festivals held in the Orlando, Florida area each year. The others is Rock the Universe, which is held at Universal Studios Florida, typically on the same nights as Night of Joy. Formerly, Cornerstone Florida, a spinoff of the original Cornerstone Festival, was held in Orlando in May each year.

2013 Lineup[edit]

Friday, September 6:

Saturday, September 7:

2012 Lineup[edit]

Friday, September 7:

Saturday, September 8:

2011 Lineup[edit]

Friday, September 9:

Saturday, September 10:

2010 Lineup[edit]

In 2010, the event returned to Magic Kingdom, after two years of being held at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Friday, September 10

Saturday, September, 11

History (1991-present)[edit]


Compilation album from Night of Joy 2009.

The official 2009 lineup was announced in March 2009. It was notable for featuring far more rock bands than usual. One notable band playing was Skillet, who have played Rock the Universe several times. The 2009 event was also notable because it featured three acts that played both days of the performance, following "Conversations" with acts performing one of the two days.

Friday, September 11:

Saturday, September 12:

Both Days:


In 2008, the event moved to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Previously, it had been held exclusively at the Magic Kingdom theme park.

Friday, September 5:

Saturday, September 6:


Friday, September 7:

Saturday, September:


Friday, September 8:

Saturday, September 9:


Friday, September 9:

Saturday, September 10:


Thursday, September 9:

Friday, September 10:

Saturday, September 11:


Friday, September 5:

Saturday, September 6:


Friday, September 6:

Saturday, September 7:


Friday, September 7:

Saturday, September 8: