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The celebration on 2013.
The first flag of Sabah after achieving a self-government on 31 August 1963.

North Borneo Self-government Day is a self-government day celebrated on 31 August 1963 every year by the state of Sabah in Malaysia.[1][2][3] Only since 2012, the holiday has been received widely by the Sabah state government and the citizen of Sabah as the Merdeka Day was not the right celebration day for the state.[4][5][6][7]


After the end of the World War II, the territory was administered by the British Military Administration which later transferred to the Crown Colony government in 1946 as the British North Borneo Chartered Company facing a difficulties due to the high cost to reconstructing North Borneo.[1][8] The task to reconstructing the territory was later taken by the Crown colony government with the first Crown Colony Governor appointed was Edward Twining on 5 May 1949.[1] Ralph Hone succeeded him to continue the reconstruction of the territory and later Roland Turnbull until the last Crown Colony governor of William Goode.[1] After all the reconstruction projects been completed, the Crown Colony government later decided to grant a self-government to the territory on 31 August 1963 which is 16 days before the establishment of the Federation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963.[1][2][8]

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