Port Krym

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Port Krym
Port Krym 2004.jpg
Country Russia
Location Kerch, Crimea
Coordinates Coordinates: 45°21′50″N 36°37′41″E / 45.364°N 36.628°E / 45.364; 36.628
Opened 1954
Operated by UkraineState Company Kerch Ferry
Russia ANShIP
Type of harbor Natural/Artificial
General manager Mykola Kovyrnychenko
Annual cargo tonnage 7,000
Passenger traffic 330,000 people

Port Krym (Ukrainian: Порт Крим, Russian: Порт Крым, Crimean Tatar: Qırım Limanı - literally Port Crimea) is a port in Crimea. It is located on the western shore of Kerch Strait, in the north-eastern part of Kerch city. Next to the port is located a train station "Krym" as well as a customs/border checkpoint.

Port Krym has the Kerch Strait ferry connection with Port Kavkaz on the eastern (Russian) shore of the strait.[1] The port is also a base for pilot boats which guide navigation through the Strait of Kerch.[citation needed] The port is served by a fleet of three ships which are property of the Ukrainian State Company "Kerch Ferry" as well as two more ships of the Russian company "ANShIP" which provides railroad ferry connection.


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