Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party
Leader Ivan O'Neal
Founded 10 January 2005
Ideology Environmentalism
Green politics
Eco socialism
Scientific Socialism
Political position Left-Wing
0 / 15
Politics of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party is a green political party in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The party is currently led by Ivan O'Neal,[1] and has no seats in the House of Assembly.

The party was formed on 10 January 2005. In the elections that year the party fielded four candidates in the 15 constituencies,[2] but received just 34 votes and failed to win a seat. In the 2010 elections the party received 145 votes, but remained seatless.


Abolish water meter rental charge. Abolish fuel surcharge. Abolish the Grenadines Wharf 1 dollar tax. Build a science university. Build 5 new factories. Make education free from pre-school to university. Make SVG economy a 4 billion dollar economy annually. Sell fresh water in tanker loads. Fish processing and fish canning industry. Create thousands of new jobs. Eradicate crime and poverty. Significantly improve health services. Put a science laboratory in all primary and secondary schools. Abolish overhead charges on water bills. Provide cheaper electricity. Move away from tourism to a sustainable economy. Reduce the age of voting to 16. Guaranteed purchase in agriculture. Ban the sale of lands to non-Vincentians. Save our natural water supply by abolishing the cross-country road project. Abolish Argyle airport project. Make Rabacca sand free again Cut ties with Taiwan and make ties with China. Protect and preserve our heritage. Protect and preserve our environment. Reduce air pollution. Reduce long queues at hospitals and health centres. Make SVG sports competitive at the world level. Create recreational parks for people to enjoy our green spaces. Abolish VAT. Reclaim Mustique Island for the people of SVG.


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