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Spokesperson Juan López de Uralde and Reyes Montiel
Founded 4 June 2011
Preceded by
Headquarters Calle Jiloca, 4
28016 Madrid
Youth wing Red EQUO Joven
International affiliation Global Greens (observer)
European affiliation European Green Party (member) [1]
Colors Any, but specially green
Local Government
21 / 68,230
European Parliament
1 / 54
(in the coalition European Spring)

Equo (also spelled EQUO, or eQuo) is a Spanish political party founded on 4 June 2011. 35 different Spanish green parties decided to merge into EQUO, making it a historical date for Spanish green politics, an ideology that had always been divided into many parties in Spain. It began as a foundation on 24 September 2010 having as a goal becoming "the seed and source of debate about political ecology and social equity, originating a sociopolitical movement".[2]

The first election it contested was the Spanish general election, 2011, obtaning 215,776 votes (0.9%), making it the 9th most supported party,[3] and the fifth in Madrid,[4] with representation thanks to the Valencian coalition Compromís-Q, in which EQUO participated.[5]

In Catalonia, EQUO is represented by Initiative for Catalonia Greens due to an agreement of mutual association.[6]

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