Socialist Unity (Italy)

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Socialist Unity (Italian: Unità Socialista was the name of a social-democratic political alliance that participated in the key Italian general election of 1948, which decided the post-war direction of Italy.

Socialist Unity was formed by the Italian Socialist Workers' Party (Italian: Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano,of Giuseppe Saragat and the Union of Socialists (Italian: Unione dei Socialisti) of former socialist leader Ivan Matteo Lombardo. The party's anti-communist ideology precluded any collaboration with the communist-led Popular Democratic Front in the 1948 election.

Socialist Unity reached 7% of the vote for the Italian Chamber of Deputies, gaining 33 seats. In the election for the Italian Senate, where it ran together with the laicist Italian Republican Party, the Unity won 8 seats.

In the following years, the links between the members of the Unity became closer and the Italian Democratic Socialist Party was born.