Sreenarayanapuram Temple

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Sreenarayanapuram Temple
Sreenarayanapuram Temple, Manakala.jpg
Proper name: Sreenarayanapuram Temple
Country: India
State: Kerala
Location: Manakala, Adoor
Architecture and culture
Primary deity: Vishnu
Architectural styles: Kerala
Date built:
(Current structure)
18th century

Sreenarayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple is an ancient Vishnu temple in Kerala, India. It is at Manakala about 4 km from Adoor.


Sreenarayanapuram Temple is known for the annual Dasavatarachartu festival. Dasavatarachartu is a ten-day celebration: Each day one Avatar of Mahavishnu from Dasavatara is worshiped. Sreenarayanapuram is one of the few Vishnu temples in Kerala where a Dasavatarachartu festival is conducted.

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