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For the Starfleet organization, see Starfleet Engineering Corps.

Starfleet Corps of Engineers is a series of novellas set in the Star Trek universe, initially under the title S.C.E. (2000-2006), now under the new title Corps of Engineers (2006-present). Like other Star Trek books, the books are officially licensed, but not considered canon.

The S.C.E. books were unique among officially published Star Trek fiction as they are initially published exclusively in the ebook format for electronic download. (Many of these novellas have subsequently been reprinted in paperback omnibuses, with anywhere from three to eight stories per volume.) In March 2008, however, publisher Pocket Books announced that the ebook line was going "on hiatus", putting the future of the line in question.


S.C.E. is a spinoff series from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, taking place primarily in the time period immediately following the end of the latter series.

The stories mainly concern a special Starfleet division called the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, stationed aboard the Saber class starship U.S.S. da Vinci (NCC-81623). Some of the major characters are:

  • Captain David Gold, captain of the da Vinci. He is Jewish and father to a large family, who live in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City.
  • Commander Sonya Gomez, first officer and chief of the S.C.E.
  • Lieutenant Commander Kieran Duffy, second officer and second-in-command of the S.C.E. (through to #24). He had a relationship with his commanding officer Sonya Gomez but was killed before she could accept his proposal.
  • Lieutenant Commander Mor glasch Tev, Tellarite second officer and second-in-command of the S.C.E. (from #28 forward).
  • Lieutenant Commander Domenica "Core-Breach" Corsi, security chief. She is very devoted to her duties and has little time for interaction with the rest of the crew.
  • Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Lense, chief medical officer.
  • Lieutenant (j.g.) Sarjenka, deputy chief medical officer (from #61 forward).
  • Captain Montgomery Scott, supervisor and liaison between the S.C.E. and the admiralty.
  • Specialist Carol Abramowitz, cultural specialist.
  • Specialist Bart Faulwell, language and cryptography specialist. One of the very few homosexual characters in Star Trek.
  • Specialist P8 Blue, structural systems specialist. A member of the Nasat, an insectoid species. Her chitinous exoskeleton enables her to survive in vacuum but frightens her roommate Abramowitz, who suffers from latent entomophobia.
  • Specialist Soloman (formerly known as 110), computer specialist. His partner 111 was killed in the first SCE adventure, and he has since refused to take another partner, making him an outcast in the Bynar society.
  • Specialist Fabian Stevens, tactical systems specialist.
  • Specialist Keith Rosenberg, tactical systems specialist. He is very devoted to his duties, but still makes time to help the rest of the crew with their issues (both personal and professional).


As of December 2007, the series includes the following books:

Star Trek: S.C.E.

No Title Author Released
Book One: Have Tech, Will Travel (2002)
1 The Belly of the Beast Dean Wesley Smith August 2000
2 Fatal Error Keith R.A. DeCandido September 2000
3 Hard Crash" Christie Golden October 2000
4 Interphase, Part 1 Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore March 2001
Book Two: Miracle Workers (2002)
5 Interphase, Part 2 Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore April 2001
6 Cold Fusion Keith R.A. DeCandido August 2001
7 Invincible, Part 1 David Mack and Keith R.A. DeCandido September 2001
8 Invincible, Part 2 David Mack and Keith R.A. DeCandido October 2001
Book Three: Some Assembly Required (2003)
9 The Riddled Post Aaron S. Rosenberg November 2001
10 Gateways Epilogue: Here There Be Monsters Keith R.A. DeCandido December 2001
11 Ambush Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur January 2002
12 Some Assembly Required Scott Ciencin and Dan Jolley February 2002
Book Four, No Surrender (2004)
13 No Surrender Jeff Mariotte March 2002
14 Caveat Emptor Ian Edginton and Mike Collins April 2002
15 Past Life Robert Greenberger May 2002
16 Oaths Glenn Hauman June 2002
Book Five, Foundations (2005)
17 Foundations, Book 1 Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore July 2002
18 Foundations, Book 2 Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore August 2002
19 Foundations, Book 3 Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore September 2002
Book Six, Wildfire (2005)
20 Enigma Ship J. Steven York and Christina F. York October 2002
21 War Stories, Book 1 Keith R.A. DeCandido November 2002
22 War Stories, Book 2 Keith R.A. DeCandido December 2002
23 Wildfire, Book 1 David Mack January 2003
24 Wildfire, Book 2 David Mack February 2003
Book Seven, Breakdowns (2006)
25 Home Fires Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore March 2003
26 Age of Unreason Scott Ciencin April 2003
27 Balance of Nature Heather Jarman May 2003
28 Breakdowns Keith R.A. DeCandido July 2003
Book Eight, Aftermath (November 2006)
29 Aftermath Christopher L. Bennett July 2003
30 Ishtar Rising, Book 1 Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels August 2003
31 Ishtar Rising, Book 2 Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels September 2003
32 Buying Time Robert Greenberger October 2003
33 Collective Hindsight, Book 1 Aaron Rosenberg November 2003
34 Collective Hindsight, Book 2 Aaron Rosenberg December 2003
35 The Demon, Book 1 Loren L. Coleman and Randall L. Bills January 2004
36 The Demon, Book 2 Loren L. Coleman and Randall L. Bills February 2004
Book Nine, Grand Designs (July 2007)
37 Ring Around the Sky Allyn Gibson March 2004
38 Orphans Kevin Killiany April 2004
39 Grand Designs Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore May 2004
40 Failsafe David Mack June 2004
41 Bitter Medicine Dave Galanter July 2004
42 Sargasso Sector Paul Kupperberg August 2004
Book Ten, Creative Couplings (December 2007)
43 Paradise Interrupted John S. Drew September 2004
44 Where Time Stands Still Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore October 2004
45 The Art of the Deal Glenn Greenberg November 2004
46 Spin J. Steven York and Christina F. York December 2004
47 Creative Couplings #1 Glenn Hauman and Aaron Rosenberg January 2005
48 Creative Couplings #2 Glenn Hauman and Aaron Rosenberg February 2005
49 Small World David Mack March 2005
Book Eleven, Wounds (October 2008)
50 Malefictorum Terri Osborne March 2005
51 Lost Time Ilsa J. Bick April 2005
52 Identity Crisis John J. Ordover May 2005
53 Fables of the Prime Directive Cory Rushton June 2005
54 Security Keith R.A. DeCandido August 2005
55 Wounds Book I Ilsa J. Bick August 2005
56 Wounds Book II Ilsa J. Bick October 2005
Book Twelve, Out of the Cocoon (July 2010)
57 Out of the Cocoon William Leisner October 2005
58 Honor Kevin Killiany November 2005
59 Blackout Phaedra M. Weldon December 2005
60 The Cleanup Robert T. Jeschonek January 2006
Book Thirteen, What's Past (August 2010)
61 Progress Terri Osborne February 2006
62 The Future Begins Steve Mollmann and Michael Schuster March 2006
63 Echoes of Coventry Richard C. White April 2006
64 Distant Early Warning Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore May 2006
65 10 Is Better than 01 Heather Jarman June 2006
66 Many Splendors Keith R.A. DeCandido August 2006

In December 2006, the e-book series was relaunched under the Corps of Engineers title, with numbering dropped.

Title Author Released
Turn the Page Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore December 2006
Troubleshooting Robert Greenberger February 2007
The Light Jeff D. Jacques February 2007
The Art of the Comeback Glenn Greenberg May 2007
Signs from Heaven Phaedra M. Weldon June 2007
Ghost Ilsa J. Bick July 2007
Remembrance of Things Past Book 1 Terri Osborne September 2007
Remembrance of Things Past Book 2 Terri Osborne November 2007

Future paperback reprints are likely to continue at a rate of one to two per year.[citation needed]


After the conclusion of the What's Past storyline, the series name was changed from Star Trek: S.C.E. to Star Trek: Corps of Engineers, and the numbering of installments was dropped. The series was also reduced from twelve ebooks per year to six, with the other six monthly slots filled with various other Star Trek projects. The first book of the relaunched series, Turn the Page by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, was released in December 2006.


Since the publication of the final ebooks in 2007, the S.C.E characters have appeared or been mentioned in other Star Trek novels. The Star Trek: Destiny trilogy and its follow-up, A Singular Destiny, establish that Captain David Gold resigned from Starfleet in 2380 (approximately two and a half years following the last S.C.E. story) and rejoined his wife on Earth. Sonya Gomez was thus promoted to captain of the da Vinci, with Domenica Corsi as her first officer, and Tev as the head of the Corps team. Corsi and Fabian Stevens were married, necessitating his transfer to another vessel. In the Star Trek: Voyager novel Unworthy, the chief engineer of the da Vinci, Nancy Conlon, has transferred to the same position aboard the USS Voyager.

In addition, the 23rd century S.C.E. characters established in Foundations continue to play a role in the ongoing Star Trek: Vanguard novel series.

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