TRT Kurdî

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TRT Kurdî
TRT 6 Yeni Logo.png
Launched January 1, 2009
Owned by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
Picture format 16:9
Country Turkey
Language Kurmanji Kurdish, Zazaki Kurdish
Broadcast area Worldwide
Formerly called TRT 6 (2009-2015)
Website TRT Kurdî

TRT Kurdî, part of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, is Turkey's first national Kurdish language television station. It broadcasts in the Kurmanji, Zazaki and Sorani dialects of the Kurdish language. It offers programs aimed at all ages and promoting the perspective of the Turkish state and its values. TRT Kurdî programs include films, documentaries, drama series and music programs, as well as programs aimed at children and women. Further broadcasting on TRT Kurdî in Arabic and Persian are also planned.[1] The main objective of TRT Kurdî is to reflect Turkey’s cultural diversity on the screen. TRT Kurdî coordinator Sinan İlhan has said that their aim is to serve for the benefit of the Turkish state and its citizens, in line with the Turkish Constitution, and provide broadcasts contributing to the democratic awareness of the country’s people. Politicians say that the new channel will help contribute to the unity and solidarity of Turkey's citizens and will meet an important social need as well.[2] Another unofficial reason is to counter alleged PKK propaganda from the satellite channel Roj TV.[3][4] TRT Kurdî is on broadcast from the western scope of the Türksat 3A satellite. The satellite frequency of the channel can be received from Turkey and the rest of Europe.[5]